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We will educate and prepare individuals to be creative problem solvers, analytical thinkers, value creators, ethical decision makers and transformative leaders.

The Tepper School’s educational programs include Professional Masters’ programs, Undergraduate Business and Economics programs, the Doctoral program and Executive Education programs. Uniform excellence across all of these programs is essential for the success and reputation of the Tepper School.

The primary goal of the Tepper School’s educational programs is to provide students with the knowledge, skills, tools and resources they need to become leaders in their chosen profession, and to develop in them a passion to make a positive impact on business and society. A Tepper School education prepares students to solve complex, unstructured problems, leverage technology and data to create value, work collaboratively in teams, and manage and lead with integrity. A Tepper School education is distinctive and carries with it an expectation of superior performance.

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Goal: Innovative and Dynamic Curricula

The skill sets needed to be successful in the twenty-first-century world of business are rapidly changing, driven largely by digital transformation and ubiquitous data. In addition to having exceptional problem-solving and leadership skills, it is becoming increasingly necessary for business leaders to understand how data and technology can be leveraged to create value. The Tepper School’s curricula will continuously evolve to deliver the essential knowledge and skills demanded by a business environment marked by disruption, complexity and global challenges.

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Goal: Future Leaders of Teams and Organizations

The Tepper School is committed to developing individuals who have the talent, integrity, intellectual curiosity, entrepreneurial mindset and confidence to be outstanding leaders within any business environment. In addition to strong analytical skills, our students will develop their leadership, communication and teamwork competencies through our innovative curricula and personalized approach to leadership development.

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Goal: Executive Education and Lifelong Learning

The Tepper School is committed to providing cutting-edge education and learning opportunities for executives, business leaders and alumni. The Tepper School will serve as an intellectual resource for companies and organizations looking to build capabilities to solve complex problems or develop future leaders. It will also offer alumni access to life-long learning opportunities and programs that will enable them to continue to grow and advance throughout their careers.

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Goal: Transformational Technology-Enhanced Learning

CMU is a leader in the science of learning and the development of technology-enhanced learning pedagogies. Leveraging these campus-wide resources, and the Tepper School’s experience in online education, we will continue to transform knowledge dissemination and the learning experience through new, proprietary learning models, creating flexible, personalized programs and degrees.

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Goal: University-Wide Business Education

Understanding the fundamentals of economics and business can be beneficial for every individual, regardless of their chosen major or profession. The Tepper School, supported by the Tepper Quad, will serve as a valuable resource for economics and business education for the entire CMU community. We are proud of our role in providing academic, co-curricular, professional and social opportunities to students at all levels and from all schools across CMU.

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