Carnegie Mellon University

2019 Conference on Migration Policy: Implications for Growth, Inequality, and Welfare

Nov. 15-16, 2019, Pittsburgh, PA

Labor migration is a central concern for citizens, policymakers, and businesses in both origin and destination countries. CRNYU Fall 2019 explored the implications of migration policy for growth, inequality, and welfare. 

Papers presented analyzed the consequences of emigration for economies in the midst of debt crises, the implications of the recent wave of Syrian refugees for Germany’s economy, the impact of work visa policy on authorized immigration into the U.S., and the role of rural to urban migration in driving Chinese growth. Other contributions examined foundational issues in the design and evaluation of migration policy.

DOwnload 2019 Program Schedule 

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Conference Sessions

Session I:  Macroeconomic Impacts of Migration

Chair: Ali Shourideh

Session II:  Migration Policy Design: Theory and Evidence

Chair: Chris Sleet

Session III: Internal Migration and Development

Chair: Laurence Ales