Carnegie Mellon University

Grade Policy for Recruiters

The Tepper School does not rank graduating students according to overall grade attainment, although national surveys consistently rank our program as one of the most rigorous in the country. Throughout their education, students are urged to make maximum use of our course offerings by taking heavy schedules rather than selecting nominal schedules in search of high averages.

We strongly encourage you to evaluate our students on the basis of the recognized excellence of our curriculum and their individual performance during your interviews.

The following guidelines have been established concerning disclosure of grades during the recruitment process:

  • Resumes sent to employers through the Masters Career Center (including the Resume Book and pre-screened schedules) will not include Tepper School grade point averages.
  • The Tepper School prohibits employers and students from discussing Tepper School grades during the initial Masters Career Center-facilitated interview.
  • After the decision for the subsequent interview is made and conveyed, the student is free to provide the recruiter with any pertinent Tepper School grade information (e.g., transcript, GPA).
  • During the resume submission period, recruiters have the option to request that students submit a listing of current and completed coursework (without grade information) along with their resume and cover letter.

If, by strict company policy, you must request information from students concerning their academic performance at the Tepper School during the initial interview, please discuss that requirement with any Masters Career Center staff member prior to any discussion with individual students. If you have any concerns regarding this policy, please let us know before leaving campus.