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Our MSPM Community

Our community is made up of people from varied backgrounds with unique skillsets. Some have technical degrees, while others come from marketing, finance, and other disciplines.

We all have one thing in common: we're eager to transform businesses through dynamic product management.


Student Stats

6.8 years

Average work experience


GMAT score middle 80%


Female students


Students accepted job offers (as of 5/18/22 based upon interim data)

Student Professional Backgrounds

  • Engineering

  • Project management 

  • Finance

  • Tech

  • Robotics

  • Research & development

  • Consulting

  • Analytics

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MPSM student ambassadors are available to answer your questions about curriculum, career paths, life in Pittsburgh, Carnegie Mellon, and more.

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Aditi Awasthy
Delhi, India

Prior to pursuing my MSPM degree, I was working for American Express. I hold engineering and management degrees from Jaypee Institute of Information Technology and Shri Ram College of Commerce, University of Delhi. I am a hands-on product manager who loves technology and has a knack for deep-diving into customer pain points and solving problems. I have demonstrated skills in building and scaling B2C, SaaS, and data-centric products for large and early-stage organizations.

Outside of work, I am an avid reader and a budding artist. I am also open to volunteering for causes related to (but not limited to) child education and social service.

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Jonathan Perlman
Great Neck, Long Island, NY

Before joining the MSPM program, I worked on advanced driver systems at Nissan. While I am from Long Island, Pittsburgh is like my second home, as I did my undergrad at the University of Pittsburgh. If you don’t see me at Tepper, you can find me at Heinz Field cheering on Pitt football or tinkering with my 3D printer.

I am an outgoing and confident individual who is always happy to help others, which is why I want to be a program ambassador.

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Aniket Gupta
Delhi, India

I am a gaming enthusiast with almost four years of product management experience in the entertainment and gaming industry. I am a tech enthusiast who writes blogs and plays a lot of games.

I want to pursue my passion for gaming and maybe become the Neil Druckmann (CMU alumnus) of gaming one day.

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Rami Bassil
Beirut, Lebanon

I grew up in Lebanon until I was 18 and then moved to Boston for an undergrad degree in mechanical engineering from Boston University. I then worked in consulting for two years while volunteering as a product manager with Jobs For Lebanon, a non-profit. I'm very empathetic and active. I am well-traveled and have visited over 25 countries so far. I try to immerse myself into the culture I am surrounded by, like learning Mandarin when I did a semester abroad in Shanghai.

Growing up in an unstable country such as Lebanon and speaking three languages fluently (Arabic, French, and English) have made me both resilient and open to change.

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Ashka Shah
Surat, India

I am a science student with a flair for the arts. I have a knack for management coupled with a technical aptitude. I am driven by reasoning and take a keen interest in understanding different philosophies. I have a passion for teaching and understanding how different people think.

Over the last 6+ years in the product and analytics domain, I have developed an understanding of how different businesses in different geographies operate. I enjoy defining problems and shaping their solutions. From studying the health care, banking, and insurance industries to building statistical models, I have experience designing end-to-end business solutions. In my last role as a product analyst at Flipkart, I worked at the intersection of data science and product, understanding the lifecycle of a product and building narratives around user behavior using quantitative data to build a seamless storefront experience for the customers.

Outside of work, I take interest in studying Indian textiles, cooking, theatre, and dance. I have formal training in Bharatnatyam (Indian classical dance).

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Kshitij (KP) Pandya
Nadiad, India

I love solving problems and helping others. I attained my undergrad degree in computer science so that I could solve problems.  I worked in IT consulting for 9+ years.

During my career, I have worked with professionals from 15+ countries. I thrive in multi-cultural setups and love to make people from various backgrounds feel comfortable. I appreciate the diversity of opinions, experiences, cultures, and languages. One way in which I appreciate diversity is by cooking delicious dishes from various cuisines. I can speak six languages.

I have always been active in social projects. I was a lead volunteer on various social programs in India and the US at Capgemini. I founded a tech club as an undergrad student which gave me experience working in collaborative setups.

I have visited (not driven through!) 25 states in the US. I like to write poetry and hike. I teach myself guitar when I am not working on the next assignment deadline.

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Neha Singh Rajpurohit
Bikaner, India

Prior to joining MSPM, I was spearheading the e-commerce platform for Europe's largest manufacturer of home appliances from India. With 8+ years of consumer-facing industry experience, I have a proven track record of hiring, leading, and motivating high-performance product teams from 10 to 150 people.

Having a process-orientated mindset, I like to craft a vision, rallying with cross-functional teams to deliver value in the most agile way of working. My journey from a software developer to a product manager has been really fulfilling. I worked with many global teams in multiple domains like manufacturing, health care, retail, and e-commerce.

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Aamir Aarfi
Hazaribagh, India

I come from a small town and have big dreams. My mom never went to school but she sacrificed everything to ensure I get the chance to chase my dreams.

I am a maker and builder who loves solving problems. In my undergrad days, I used to work on robotics and software. CMU was a perfect destination for me, but I had to wait 10 years. Though I graduated as an engineer, I have worked closely with business and cross-functional teams. I have worked for large companies like Expedia as well as small startups.

I am looking forward to contributing to the CMU community and hope to fulfill my dream of becoming an entrepreneur.

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Gaurav Manchanda
New Delhi, India

Before joining CMU, I worked for almost five years on the engineering side as well as on the product team. I like to learn new things and interact with people to learn more about them and their culture.

I am a fun person to be around and always like to hear people's problems and try to resolve them. I like helping others. I want to help people who are confused about the program. I went through the same process while I was considering the program. I reached out to a lot of people with questions and now I want to give back.

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Apoorva Reddy
Hyderabad, India

Before coming to CMU, I worked as a digital consultant/product manager for over five years at LTI and PepsiCo. During the course of my work experience, I realized my love for product management and decided to pursue a master's degree.

At PepsiCo, I was a part of the global IT strategy and transformation team and worked on strategic and operational initiatives like portfolio management, value management, and annual AOP planning.
Prior to that, as a product manager for a B2B e-commerce marketplace, I worked on product roadmap creation, user journey mapping, and defining and prioritizing user stories. 

Outside of work, I like to travel and am an avid reader of fiction, non-fiction, and everything in between.

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Samrat Bhasin
Palwal, India

Owing to my passion for technology, I did my undergrad in Computer Science and joined Samsung as an R&D developer. I have more than seven years of experience at Samsung Electronics, working in the Technology and Innovation space in multiple roles ranging from Product R&D Developer, Product R&D Lead, Product Owner, and Technical Product Manager.

At Samsung, my journey has been truly valuable, in both functional and cultural terms, and has enabled me to solve global problems while leading cross-cultural and cross-functional teams. I have overcome linguistic and cultural barriers to form solid working relationships by keeping an open and curious mind. These experiences have taught me how to thrive in diverse environments by unlocking the unique strengths and perspectives of individual members of a diverse group.

I am an advocate for equal education and have led Samsung CSR initiatives to prepare underprivileged students for quality education after high school.  Outside of work, I am a soccer enthusiast and like to sing.

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