Carnegie Mellon University
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Our Vision

To create value for business and society by providing intellectual leadership, advancing the science and practice of management, and developing ethical leaders to be the agents of change in a world driven by technology and innovation.

Our strategic planning process was informed by several fundamental questions:

  • What values and skills are needed by the next generation of business leaders and entrepreneurs?
  • How do we best equip our students and graduates to boldly confront the challenges of the 21st century?
  • What are the big challenges facing business and society, and how can the Tepper School provide intellectual leadership and contribute to the discovery of innovative solutions?
  • What are the important differentiators for the Tepper School and how can we best leverage our strengths to have the greatest impact?

It is from the discussions surrounding these critical questions that our strategic vision for the future of the Tepper School has emerged.

Core Values


A commitment to act ethically and honestly in both personal and professional life, and to reject dishonesty and unethical behavior. Integrity is the foundation of mutual trust and respect that is essential for our community.


A culture that welcomes and celebrates the diverse backgrounds, experiences and viewpoints of all members of our community, and supports an environment that encourages the expression of new ideas and vigorous debate.


A commitment to be original, creative, resourceful and a pioneer of change. A desire to explore new frontiers and a willingness to take informed risks in the pursuit of value-creation and innovation.


A belief in teamwork and the recognition that diverse, interdisciplinary teams spawn greater creativity, innovation and performance. We believe that cross-disciplinary learning and research is the most effective approach to solving complex business problems.


A scientific, data-informed approach to the study of business and management and our commitment to an uncompromising intellectual environment that prepares future business leaders to be creative problem solvers, analytical thinkers and informed decision makers.


The depth of knowledge and self-confidence to confront the uncertainty and complexity of a dynamic, global business environment, anticipate future risks and opportunities and formulate innovative solutions to new, emerging problems.