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The Leadership Brand Advantage

Building your professional and personal brand for executive excellence.

Unlock your full leadership potential with our dynamic Leadership Brand Advantage workshop, designed to equip you with the tools and insights needed to elevate your personal brand, communicate effectively, and align your leadership with strategic organizational goals for optimal performance and outcomes. A powerful brand empowers individuals to better position themselves within their organization and industry. 

Why a Strong Leadership Brand Matters
Every effective leader has a strong personal brand that defines who they are, what they stand for, and why others should trust and follow them. As leaders grow and take on new responsibilities, their professional identity must evolve to match their evolving goals and responsibilities, including leading large and diverse teams, building coalition across stakeholders, and balancing the authority and trust needed to make bold decisions. 

As a leader, whether you aim to project greater gravitas, be known as a kind yet honest communicator, or foster innovation within your team, aligning your brand with the necessary leadership traits and skills is crucial for taking your leadership to the next level. 

"Leadership arises through genuine participation in the spectrum of living, in being who you imagine yourself to be. 
Knowing what is meaningful is foundational to being a leader and to being an engaged person. Leadership is a way of living; it's a lived response."
Leanne Meyer, Faculty Lead


Key Takeaways

  • Gain a deeper understanding of your personal leadership brand, including your strengths and unique qualities, to better position yourself within your organization and industry.

  • Develop tools and strategies to effectively communicate your brand and your value proposition to a variety of stakeholders, including direct reports, clients, and C-suite leaders.

  • Align your brand with organizational goals to strengthen individual and team performance.

  • Create a brand that promotes an organizational culture built on authenticity, accountability, and shared values.

  • Enhance your impact within your team and across your organization.

  • Better position yourself for future roles and increased responsibilities. 

Who should attend?

This program is designed for executives, chief officers, and mid- to upper-level managers, who are interested in building a holistic leadership brand to enhance visibility, expand networks, attract new opportunities, and demonstrate how to create value. Participants will build a leadership brand action plan and examine their leadership persona and its alignment with participant’s career goals.


How to discuss program investment with your employer

Many organizations support employees' attendance in Carnegie Mellon Tepper Executive Education programs by covering the program fee, travel expenses for in-person programs, and granting time away from the office.

Carnegie Mellon Tepper Executive Education understands the investment in attending our programs or earning our Certificate in Executive Leadership may require additional information for your employer. To help facilitate the conversation, we have drafted a justification letter for you.

This letter is for your supervisor. It outlines the benefits of participating in a Carnegie Mellon Tepper Executive Education program.

* Special pricing is available for individual and group registrations. More information is available here.

Carnegie Mellon welcomes all individuals to participate in and attend Executive Education programs and events, on campus and/or online, as outlined in the university’s Statement of Assurance.

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