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Tepper MBA Graduating Class Gift

A Tepper School Tradition

The Tepper School Class Gift Campaign provides graduating MBA students with an opportunity to unite, show class pride, demonstrate support for the school, and pay it forward to future classes. Class gift campaigns run from the fall semester of one’s graduating year through June 30, the end of the fiscal year.

Why should I participate?

  • Show class pride.
  • Demonstrate satisfaction with your program.
  • Pay it forward to the next generation of students.
  • Show recruiters, prospective students, and other institutions that current students believe in the school, which in turn increase the value of your degree.
  • Support the school. Tuition only covers 50% of the Tepper School’s operating budget. Fundraising efforts help fill in the gap each year, ensuring that we can maintain a high-quality program.
  • Foster a philanthropic alumni base.

How can I participate?

Learn more about the 2024 Full-Time Class Gift Campaign. Choose the “recurring gift” option to break up your gift into budget-friendly payments.

Explore more ways to make your gift, or contact Dawn DiBartolo.

Recent Class Giving Results

MBA Class of 2023

Full-Time: 41%
Part-Time: no class gift
Part-Time Online Hybrid: no class gift

MBA Class of 2022

Full-Time: 50%
Part-Time: no class gift
Part-Time Online Hybrid: no class gift

MBA Class of 2021

Full-Time: 43%
Part-Time: 67%
Part-Time Online Hybrid: 93%

MBA Class of 2020

Full-Time: 95%
Part-Time: 45%
Part-Time Online Hybrid: 100%

MBA Class of 2019

Full-Time: 92%
Part-Time: 33%
Part-Time Online Hybrid: 67%

MBA Class of 2018

Full-Time: 100%
Part-Time: 39%
Part-Time Online Hybrid: 69%

MBA Class of 2017

Full-Time: 93%
Part-Time: 30%

MBA Class of 2016

Full-Time: 99.5%
Part-Time: 26%