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Poets & Quants - 5/18
2024 Best 40-Under-40 MBA Professors: Sunkee Lee, Tepper School of Business
Mentioned: Sunkee Lee

Business Insider - 5/16
What Is Futures Trading?
Mentioned: Chester Spatt

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review - 5/13
Carnegie Mellon grad aims to make West African cuisine more accessible
Mentioned: Tepper School of Business

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - 5/10
He considered dropping out of CMU. This weekend, he graduates — and has already launched a start-up
Mentioned: Tepper School of Business

USA Today - 5/10
Tipping is 'not an entitlement': Should travelers stop tipping for everything?
Mentioned: Carla Bevins

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - 5/9
As new EPA air quality rule goes into effect, here’s what it means for Allegheny County
Mentioned: Nicholas Mueller

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - 5/4
Economic jolt: Pittsburgh Marathon expected to generate more than $27 million
Mentioned: John Gasper

Poets & Quants - 5/3
2024 Best & Brightest MBA: Anushikha Sharma, Carnegie Mellon (Tepper)
Mentioned: Tepper School of Business

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review - 5/1
What to know about the Dick’s Sporting Goods Pittsburgh Marathon
Mentioned: Tepper School of Business

The Economist - 5/1
Disinformation is on the rise. How does it work?
Mentioned: Maryam Saeedi


USA Today - 4/30
Annuities are key to American retirement. So why are so few Americans buying them?
Mentioned: Chester Spatt

New York Times - 4/26
What happens to your credit The Mostly Persuasive Logic Behind the New Ban on Noncompetes
Mentioned: Liyan Shi

USA Today - 4/25
What happens to your credit score when your spouse dies? (Hint: Nothing good.)
Mentioned: Tepper School of Business

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review - 4/25
TV Talk: WTAE’s new news director looks ahead; Very Local’s Pittsburgh ‘Sports Town Stories’
Mentioned: Tepper School of Business

Forbes - 4/23
Picasso For All: Democratizing Blue-Chip Investments
Mentioned: Bryan R. Routledge

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - 4/22
Pittsburgh touts a new use for robotics: farming
Mentioned: Meredith Grelli

USA Today - 4/17
Amazon's Just Walk Out tech could start popping up everywhere. Here's how it works.
Mentioned: Kannan Srinivasan

USA Today - 4/17
Why incorporate in Delaware? Pros and cons in 2024
Mentioned: Dave Mawhinney

USA Today - 4/11
Residents of this state pay $987,117 in lifetime taxes. Guess which one?
Mentioned: Chester Spatt

Axios - 4/11
Why comparing AI to "smart" humans is a flawed measurement

Mentioned: Zachary Lipton

Wall Street Journal - 4/10
Materials Supplier Ferguson Seeks Faster Path to Construction Market
Mentioned: Evelyn Gong

CIO - 4/10
Is the power of people skills enough to keep gen AI in check?
Mentioned: Ronald Placone

Harvard Business Review - 4/9
Should Your Brand Hire a Virtual Influencer?
Mentioned: Kannan Srinivasan

Clear Admit - 4/9
U.S. News 2024 Best Business Schools: Wharton & Stanford GSB Share Top Spot

Mentioned: Tepper School of Business

Poets and Quants - 4/6
Tepper’s AI Entrepreneurs: Achieving The Intelligent Future Through Collaboration & Innovation
Mentioned: Tepper School of Business

Trib Total Media - 4/5
Dick’s House of Sport opens at Ross Park Mall
Mentioned: Tim Derdenger

Newsweek - 4/3
Minimum wage study debunks business claim
Mentioned: Max Risch

Supply Chain Dive - 3/29
Port of Baltimore crisis: What supply chain managers need to know
Mentioned: Inki Sul

Health IT Answers - 3/27
AI in Healthcare News and Updates
Mentioned: Sridhar Tayur

Popular Mechanics - 3/27
Mathematicians Still Can’t Solve an Uneven Ruler That Defies Regularity
Mentioned: Willem Van Hoeve

Poets & Quants - 3/26
BIG IdeaBounce 2024 | 14 Finalists Dazzle In SharkTank Contest
Mentioned: Tepper School of Business

Pittsburgh Business Times - 3/26
Baltimore bridge collapse will have big impact in Pittsburgh and elsewhere
Mentioned: Sridhar Tayur

Poets & Quants - 3/25
How Carnegie Mellon Is Putting AI To Work In Business
Mentioned: Willem Van Hoeve

Poets & Quants - 3/25
The P&Q Interview: Carnegie Mellon Tepper Dean Isabelle Bajeux-Besnainou On AI
Mentioned: Dean Isabelle Bajeux-Besnainou - 3/22
Applications open for PEER Fellowship, a yearlong program to train Pittsburgh robotics entrepreneurs
Mentioned: Tepper School of Business

Center on Budget and Policy Priorities - 3/21
Congress Should Revisit 2017 Tax Law’s Trillion-Dollar Corporate Rate Cut in 2025
Mentioned: Max Risch

Fierce Healthcare - 3/21
Nvidia inks tie-ups with Abridge, GE HealthCare and Microsoft as it expands its footprint in healthcare AI
Mentioned: Zachary Lipton

Poets & Quants - 3/20
The French EDHEC Business School Launches An Online MBA
Mentioned: Tepper School of Business

TechXplore - 3/19
Machine learning, quantum computing may transform health care, including diagnosing pneumonia
Mentioned: Sridhar Tayur

Business Because - 3/19
How Much Does An Online MBA Cost In 2024?

Mentioned: Tepper School of Business

Business Wire - 3/18
Abridge to Deliver Generative AI Microservices to Millions of Clinicians and Their Patients With NVIDIA

Mentioned: Zachary Lipton

Training Industry Magazine - 3/18
How Can I Be a More Effective Facilitator in Leadership Development?
Mentioned: Ronald Placone

MoneyTalks News - 3/18
Are Store Brands Any Good or Just Cheaper?
Mentioned: Jeff Galak

Psychology Today - 3/17
What Fani Willis’s Pyrrhic Win Teaches All Working Women
Mentioned: Catherine Shea

CIO - 3/14
7 ways an MBA will advance your IT career — and 5 ways it won't
Steve Rakas

Law 360 - 3/13
Ex-SEC Economists Urge 5th Circ. To Fix Short-Selling Rules

Chester Spatt

EurekAlert - 3/13
Unexpected outcomes: digital nudges in online teamwork

Mentioned: Anita Williams Woolley

EurekAlert - 3/13
Analysis establishes a framework for fairness in accounting, auditing
Mentioned: Tae Wan Kim

Poets & Quants - 3/13
Deans At The World’s Top Business Schools Are Overwhelmingly Male, White & Old — But That’s Changing

Mentioned: Tepper School of Business

Business Because - 3/12
Most Affordable US Cities To Study Your MBA

Mentioned: Tepper School of Business

Poets & Quants - 3/11
IE Business School Claims Top Spot In Financial Times 2024 Online MBA Ranking
Mentioned: Tepper School of Business

Going Concern - 3/11

Monday Morning Accounting News Brief: EY Morale Is Suffering After Layoffs; Ignoring Audit Quality?
Mentioned: Tae Wan Kim

CSO - 3/11
Generative AI poised to make substantial impact on DevSecOps
Mentioned: Benjamin Moseley

Poets & Quants - 3/10
The AI Boom In Executive Education: What You Can Study Right Now At The World’s Top B-Schools
Mentioned: Tepper School of Business

Financial Times - 3/10
Online MBAs move beyond isolated, independent study
Mentioned: Dean Isabelle Bajeux-Besnainou

Phys.Org - 3/8
Unexpected outcomes: Digital nudges in online teamwork

Mentioned: Anita Williams Woolley

Phys.Org - 3/8
Analysis establishes a framework for fairness in accounting, auditing
Mentioned: Tae Wan Kim

Associated Press - 3/7
It’s not just Elon Musk: ChatGPT-maker OpenAI confronting a mountain of legal challenges
Mentioned: Diane Rulke

CharterWorks - 3/6
Charter Work Tech: 9 tools for better asynchronous communication
Mentioned: Anita Williams Woolley

Inc. - 3/6
How to Measure Productivity of Remote Workers
Mentioned: Anita Williams Woolley

CSO - 3/5
How gen AI helps entry-level SOC analysts improve their skills
Mentioned: Benjamin Moseley

GirlTalkHQ - 3/5
RANKED – The Highest Earning Side Hustles for a Single Day of Work
Mentioned: Meredith Meyer Grelli

University of Colorado - 3/4
Facts, ignored: The truth is flexible when falsehoods support political beliefs
Oliver Hahl

PR Newswire - 3/4
Mentioned: Zachary Lipton

Yahoo Sports - 3/1
Myth or reality: Will Caitlin Clark take a pay cut going to the WNBA?
Mentioned: Tim Derdenger

Computer World - 2/29
The ROI in AI (and how to find it)
Mentioned: Param Vir Singh

Yahoo! Finance - 2/28
Generative AI is having a throw-everything-at-the-wall moment
Mentioned: Emily DeJeu

Business Because - 2/27
How To Increase Your MBA ROI
Mentioned: Tad Brinkerhoff

Inc. - 2/27
The Possible Pitfalls of Doing Business Over Text -- and How You Can Avoid Them
Mentioned: Abbe Depretis

MarketWatch - 2/22
Why Caitlin Clark could make more money staying in college than going to the WNBA
Mentioned: Tim Derdenger

Poets & Quants - 2/26
2024 Ranking: Average SAT & ACT Scores At The Top B-Schools
Mentioned: Tepper School of Business

CEO World - 2/26
Best Business Schools In The World For 2024
Mentioned: Tepper School of Business

Living on the Cheap - 2/25
Are private label store brands good or just cheaper?
Mentioned: Jeff Galak

MarketWatch - 2/22
Is EA’s college-football videogame ‘taking advantage’ of players with $600 payment?
Mentioned: Tim Derdenger

BBC - 2/22
For high-earning workers, it's hard to break free from 'golden handcuffs'
Mentioned: Rubab O'Connor

Clear Admit - 2/22
Real Numbers of MBA Admissions: Average GRE Scores by Top U.S. Business Schools
Mentioned: Tepper School of Business

Poets & Quants - 2/21
MBA Salaries, Bonuses & Job Success Rates At 30 Top U.S. B-Schools
Mentioned: Tepper School of Business

Fortune - 2/21
16 free and paid entrepreneurship courses aspiring founders can take online
Mentioned: Brandy Aven

EurekAlert - 2/20
Unlike men, for professional women, having high-status connections can backfire
Mentioned: Catherine Shea

P&C Specialist - 2/20
Five Ways to Overcome Generational Differences at Work
Mentioned: Clara Burke

London Loves Business - 2/20

Teams who select their own communication leader perform better than those who don’t
Mentioned: Linda Argote

Clear Admit - 2/20
Real Numbers of MBA Admissions: Percentage of U.S. Minorities at Top U.S. Business Schools
Mentioned: Tepper School of Business

My Science - 2/19
AI Tool Lets New Managers Practice Performance Reviews and Job Interviews
Mentioned: Anita Williams Woolley

Magnolia Tribune - 2/19
Leaders, Followers and Heroes
Mentioned: Robert Kelley - 2/14
For professional women, having high-status connections can backfire, reveals study
Mentioned: Catherine Shea

Communications of the ACM - 2/13
How to Find a Needle in a Haystack
Mentioned: Benjamin Moseley

Heritage Foundation - 2/13
Protecting American Universities from Undue Foreign Influence
Mentioned: Ilker Baybars

Diversity Women Media - 2/9
Balancing Act: The New Work-Life Balance
Mentioned: Laurie Weingart

Financial Times - 2/8
Demand for flexible courses reshapes the MBA
Mentioned: Dean Isabelle Bajeux-Besnainou

Clear Admit - 2/7
U.S. News 2024 Online MBA Rankings: Indiana University–Bloomington Takes the Top Spot
Mentioned: Tepper School of Business

NPR - 2/7
Morally questionable, economically efficient
Mentioned: Chester Spatt

Poets & Quants - 2/7
Indiana Kelley Does It Again: Tops U.S. News Online MBA Ranking
Mentioned: Tepper School of Business

Pittsburgh Business Times - 2/7
CMU's Tepper School of Business tops ranking of U.S. News best online graduate business programs
Mentioned: Kevin Dietrick

WESA Radio - 2/7
New EPA rule could rein in air pollution in Western Pennsylvania
Mentioned: Karen Clay

Townhall - 2/6
UPS Plans to Utilize This Technology to Improve Productivity in 2024
Mentioned: Sridhar Tayur

AACSB - 2/5
Navigating the AI Revolution
Mentioned: Tepper School of Business

Poets & Quants - 2/4
2023 Most Disruptive MBA Startups: Conduit, Carnegie Mellon University (Mellon)

Mentioned: Tepper School of Business

Poets & Quants - 1/31/24
High & Low GMAT Scores At The World’s Leading MBA Programs
Mentioned: Tepper School of Business

Daily Mail - 1/31/24
Workplaces really ARE sexist: Women who try to network with their superiors to get ahead are belittled by colleagues, study shows - but no one minds when men do the same
Mentioned: Catherine Shea

Wall Street Journal - 1/31/24
The Price Women Pay for Networking With High-Status People
Mentioned: Catherine Shea

MiM Guide - 1/31/24
Top 10 MiMs in Technology Management
Mentioned: Tepper School of Business

SUCCESS Magazine - 1/30
Unlearning Silence in the Workplace: How to Speak Up at Work
Mentioned: Carla Bevins

Wall Street Journal - 1/30
UPS to Cut 12,000 Jobs and Mandate Return to Offices Five Days a Week
Mentioned: Sridhar Tayur

Poets & Quants - 1/29
2024 Ranking: Acceptance Rates At The Best Undergraduate Business Schools
Mentioned: Tepper School of Business

Freakanomics Radio: No Stupid Questions - 1/28
What Makes Some Objects Feel Special?
Mentioned: Jeff Galak - 1/26
Pittsburgh entrepreneur Gerald McGinnis, ‘revered’ as an impactful startup advisor and mentor, has died
Mentioned: Dave Mawhinney

Poets & Quants - 1/26/24
P&Q’s 2024 Undergrad Ranking: The Data Dump
Mentioned: Tepper School of Business

Human Resource Executive - 1/26
9 ways HR leaders can embrace the 'opportunity of uncertainty'
Mentioned: Rubab O’Connor

Pittsburgh Business Times - 1/26
Meet the 2024 Executive Leadership Academy cohort from The Advanced Leadership Institute
Mentioned: Mentioned: Tepper School of Business

PR Newswire - 1/26
The Advanced Leadership Institute and Carnegie Mellon University Announce The 2024 Cohort of The Executive Leadership Academy
Mentioned: Isabelle Bajeux-Besnainou - 1/25
How a former acting major became a tech sector VP led by curiosity
Mentioned: Tepper School of Business

KDKA-TV - 1/24
Sunday Business Page: Advanced Leadership Institute
Mentioned: Tepper School of Business

Christian Science Monitor - 1/23
When your job interviewer's initials are AI
Mentioned: Steve Rakas

Reuters - 1/23
What investors are saying about China's market meltdown
Mentioned: Diane Rulke

Business Insider - 1/23
The end of workplace loyalty
Mentioned: Denise Rousseau

Poets & Quants - 1/22
The U.S. MBA Programs With The Most International Students
Mentioned: Tepper School of Business

Poets & Quants - 1/22
2024 Best Business Schools | How Alumni Rate Their Undergraduate Business Degrees
Mentioned: Tepper School of Business

Poets & Quants - 1/19
MBA Interview Questions: A School-By-School List For 2024
Mentioned: Tepper School of Business

Business Insider - 1/19
It looks like Elon Musk is a bit envious of Mark Zuckerberg's control over Meta
Mentioned: Chester Spatt

Human Resource Executive - 1/18
How 4 leading orgs are igniting organizational culture in a hybrid world
Mentioned: Rubab O’Connor

The Hill - 1/18
US battle with Houthi rebels shows no signs of stopping
Mentioned: Sridhar Tayur

Traders Magazine - 1/17
Rebate Tiering and Competitive Pricing of Different Market Centers
Mentioned: Chester Spatt

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - 1/16
After weeks of speculation, Canonsburg-based Ansys to be bought by Synopsys for $35 billion
Mentioned: R. Ravi and Laurie Barkman

PsyPost - 1/15
Popularity over fairness: How online dating platforms prioritize users
Mentioned: Musa Eren Celdir

Axios - 1/12/24
Machine forgetting: How difficult it is to get AI to forget
Mentioned: Zachary Lipton

USA Today - 1/12
Frustrated travelers start recording customer service phone calls. But does it work?
Mentioned: John Hooker

Washington Post - 1/11
Work reset: 13 tips to make your job less stressful this year
Mentioned: Anita Williams Woolley

Forbes - 1/10
Most Surveyed CEOs Are Not Prepared For Inflation Or Recession
Mentioned: Robert Kelley

Poets & Quants - 1/10
How CMU Tepper Confronted — And Overcame — A Challenging 2023 MBA Job Market
Mentioned: Steve Rakas, Isabelle Bajeux-Besnainou

Pittsburgh Business Times - 1/9
Astrobotic announces premature end to its Peregrine Lunar Lander mission
Mentioned: Jay Apt

Find MBA - 1/8
MBA students should demonstrate a nuanced understanding of AI’s applications in driving innovation, say business schools and corporate recruiters
Mentioned: Steve Rakas

BBC - 1/8
Tiger Woods and Nike end 27-year partnership
Mentioned: Tim Derdenger

Poets & Quants - 1/5
2023 Most Disruptive Business School Startups: Clutch, Carnegie Mellon (Tepper)
Mentioned: Tepper School of Business

Poets & Quants - 1/2
Deans From Around The World Offer 2024 New Year’s Resolutions
Mentioned: Isabelle Bajeux-Besnainou