Carnegie Mellon University

Andrew Li

Andrew A. Li

Assistant Professor of Operations Research

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  • TEP - Tepper Building - Room 4225
  • 412-268-4063
5000 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213


  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Ph D (Operations Research) - 2018
  • Columbia University - BS (Operations Research/Applied Mathematics Minor) - 2012


Machine Learning, High-Dimensional Data Analysis, E-Commerce, Personalized Medicine, Cloud Computing, Scalable Algorithms, Stochastic Modeling


  • Learning Preferences with Side Information

    (author(s):  V. Farias, A. Li)
    To appear in Management Science

  • Staffing to Stabilize Blocking in Loss Models with Time-Varying Arrival Rates

    (author(s):  A. Li, W. Whitt, J. Zhao)
    Probability in the Engineering and Informational Sciences 30(2), 2016; 185-211

  • Approximate Blocking Probabilities in Loss Models with Independence and Distribution Assumptions Relaxed

    (author(s):  A. Li, W. Whitt)
    Performance Evaluation 82, 2014; 82-101

  • Ordered Multiplicity Lists for Eigenvalues of Symmetric Matrices Whose Graph is a Linear Tree

    (author(s):  C. Johnson, A. Li, A. Walker)
    Discrete Mathematics 333, 2014; 39-55

Working Papers

  • Operationalizing Personalized Recommendations and Search via Sublinear-Time Sampling

    (author(s): V. Farias, A. Li, D. Sinha)

  • Protein Corona Sensor Array Identifies and Predicts Alzheimer’s Disease

    (author(s): M. Mahmoudi, A. Li, V. Farias, O. Farokhzad)

  • Optimal Denoising of High-Dimensional Data

    (author(s): V. Farias, A. Li)

  • Selling Completion Times on the Cloud

    (author(s): F. Balestrieri, A. Li, J. Ward)