Carnegie Mellon University

Rosalind Chow

Rosalind M. Chow

Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior and Theory

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  • TEP - Tepper Building - Room 4103
  • 412-268-7392
5000 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213


  • Stanford University - Ph D - 2008
  • Columbia University - BA - 2002


Social hierarchy, justice, diversity, inter-group and intra-group processes


  • Taking race off the table: Agenda-setting and support for color-blind public policy

    (author(s): Rosalind Chow, Eric Knowles)
    Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin 42(1), 2016; 25-39

  • A Desire for Deviance: The Influence of Leader Normativeness and Inter-group Competition on Group Member Support

    (author(s): Jin Wook Chang, Nazli Turan, Rosalind Chow)
    Journal of Experimental Social Psychology 56, 2015; 36-49

  • Deny, distance, or dismantle? How White Americans manage a privileged identity

    (author(s): Eric Knowles, Brian Lowery, Rosalind Chow, Miguel Unzueta)
    Perspectives on Psychological Science 9, 2014; 594-609

  • High-status but low-performing: Effects of group status on information exchange and group outcome.

    (author(s): Jin Wook Chang, Rosalind Chow, Anita Woolley)
    Academy of Management Best Paper Proceedings, 2013

  • Appeasement: Whites' Strategic Support For Affirmative Action

    (author(s): Rosalind Chow, Brian Lowery, Caitlin Hogan)
    Personality and Social Psychological Bulletin 39, 2013; 333-346

  • The effect of inequality frames on redistributive income policy support

    (author(s): Rosalind Chow, Jeffrey Galak)
    Psychological Science 23(12), 2012; 467-469

  • Paying For Positive Group-Esteem: How Inequity Frames Affect Whites' Responses To Redistributive Policies

    (author(s): Brian Lowery, Rosalind Chow, Eric Knowles, Miguel Unzueta)
    Journal of Personality and Social Psychology 102, 2012; 323-336

  • Thanks, But No Thanks: The Role Of Personal Responsibility In The Experience Of Gratitude

    (author(s): Rosalind Chow, Brian Lowery)
    Journal of Experimental Social Psychology 46, 2010; 487-493

  • The Orthogonality Of Praise And Condemnation In Moral Judgmen

    (author(s): Rosalind Chow, Scott Wiltermuth, Benoit Monin)
    Social and Personality Psychology Science 1 , 2010; 302-310

  • To Be Fair Or To Be Dominant: The Effect Of Inequality Frames On Dominant Group Members' Responses To Inequity
    Research on Managing Groups and Teams: Fairness and Groups

    (author(s): Rosalind Chow, Brian Lowery, Eric Knowles)
    Emerald, 2010; Chapter 7

  • On The Malleability Of Ideology: Motivated Construals Of Color-Blindness.

    (author(s): Eric Knowles, Brian Lowery, Caitlin Hogan, Rosalind Chow)
    Journal of Personality and Social Psychology 96, 2009; 857-869

  • Taking From Those That Have More And Giving To Those That Have Less: How Inequity Frames Affect Corrections For Inequity

    (author(s): Rosalind Chow, Brian Lowery, Jennifer Randall-Crosby)
    Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 2009; 375-378

  • Excluded emotions: The role of anger in responses to social ostracism

    (author(s): Rosalind Chow, Larissa Tiedens, Cassandra Govan)
    Journal of Experimental Social Psychology 44, 2008; 896-903

  • The Two Faces Of Dominance: The Differential Effect Of Ingroup Superiority And Outgroup Inferiority On Group Identification And Group-Esteem.

    (author(s): Rosalind Chow, Brian Lowery, Eric Knowles)
    Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 2008; 1073-1081

Working Papers

  • Competition and collective intelligence: The moderating effect of sex composition

    (author(s): Anita Woolley, Rosalind Chow, Anna Mayo, Christoph Riedl, Jin Wook Chang)

  • Effects of Inter-group Status on the Pursuit of Intra-group Status.

    (author(s): Jin Wook Chang, Rosalind Chow, Anita Woolley)

  • The counteracting effects of gender diversity in expertise use: Disentangling participation and influence

    (author(s): Anna Mayo, Anita Woolley, Rosalind Chow)

Awards and Honors

  • Tepper School of Business - Xerox Junior Faculty Chair (2011)
  • Tepper School of Business - Faculty Giving Chair (2009)

Dr. Rosalind Chow is also the faculty lead for Carnegie Mellon University Tepper School of Business Executive Education's Fostering Organizational Equity Leadership Development program.