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Discover your competitive advantage as you learn from the finest minds in business. Carnegie Mellon's experts in analytics, innovation, technology and leadership understand how to lead amidst the complexity of today’s marketplace.

Carnegie Mellon University doesn't imagine the future, we create it. Recognized among the world's most innovative institutions, Carnegie Mellon challenges the curious and passionate to deliver work that matters. Working at the intersection of business, technology and analytics, Carnegie Mellon's Tepper School of Business advances the frontiers of knowledge, encourages interdisciplinary collaboration, rewards innovation and impacts society. Executive Education works with corporate partners to translate emerging knowledge into business practice through customized single-client learning solutions and open-enrollment programs for individuals.

Whether your need is to build capabilities to solve a complex business problem or develop individual leaders, partnering with Executive Education provides access to leading faculty, cutting-edge research, proven models and innovative strategy. Carnegie Mellon and the Tepper School of Business are the results-oriented partners to accelerate your business growth and individual impact.

We excel in the following areas:

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Strategic Leadership

As a growing company, it is crucial to effectively manage rapid progress as it applies to the most critical resource — your human capital. Too often, an organization's expansion moves faster than internal development efforts can practically keep up.

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To maintain and increase their edge, executive leaders look to Tepper Executive Education at Carnegie Mellon — a university that holds the singular position as a front-runner in three contributing disciplines: computer science, business and design.

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Advanced Analytics

As companies grapple with integrating data from decentralized business units, experienced managers recognize the need to translate quantitative model insights into strategic decision-making.

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Leadership for Women

From the executive to the woman on the way up, today's outstanding female managers face distinct challenges. Growing organizations, particularly in expanding technical fields, can struggle to develop and retain the finest female managerial talent.

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Custom Programs

With demonstrated expertise merging academic excellence with practical implementation to impact business, Carnegie Mellon University is the ideal partner to transform your organization and deliver results tailored to your needs.

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