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Career Outlook

Tepper UBA students are likely to have a job offer in hand before they have a diploma in hand — and for good reason.

By the time Tepper undergraduate business students graduate, they have demonstrated their unmatched analytical leadership and problem-solving skills at internships with some of the world’s leading technology, financial, consulting, pharmaceutical, CPG, and retail companies.

Our graduates’ starting salaries are ranked among the highest in undergraduate compensation, with a reported average salary for our Class of 2020 at $80,638.

One reason for these impressive statistics is the marketplace recognition of Tepper students’ preparedness. From complex analytics and modeling to strategic planning, Tepper students are among recruiters’ favorites because of their ability to perform.

Students Accept Offers From a Wide Range of Companies

  • Accenture 
  • Alcoa 
  • American Eagle 
  • Bank of America 
  • Barclays 
  • BNY Mellon 
  • Citi
  • Corning 
  • Credit Suisse 
  • Deloitte Consulting 
  • Deutsche Bank 
  • eBay 
  • Ernst & Young 
  • Facebook
  • Freddie Mac 
  • General Electric 
  • General Mills 
  • General Motors 
  • Goldman Sachs 
  • IBM 
  • J.P. Morgan Chase
  • McKinsey
  • Miami Dolphins
  • PNC
  • PricewaterhouseCoopers
  • Procore Technologies
  • Teach for America
  • Visa

Access to the Carnegie Mellon campus is another key contributor to student preparedness. Our culture of cross-collaboration promotes exploration and exposure to diverse fields. Students take classes across various colleges, alongside students in different disciplines — contributing to a broader mindset and skill set.

Students also have access to a powerful network of resources that open doors to career opportunities around the world. through Carnegie Mellon’s Career and Professional Development Center, students work with experienced professionals to explore potential job and internship options, prepare for career events, and develop strategies to reach their goals.

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