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Career Outlook

Recruiters often cite our graduates' exceptional strategic, analytical performance as a difference that sets them apart.

Our graduates’ starting salaries are ranked among the highest in undergraduate compensation, with a reported average salary for our Class of 2017 at $76,972. One reason for our impressive employment and salary statistics is the marketplace recognition of Tepper School student preparedness.

The rigor and caliber of our program has a reputation for excellence that exceeds that of many of our peers. From complex analytics and modeling to strategic planning, our undergraduate students perform at high levels and thus are among recruiters’ favorites.

Likewise, access to the Carnegie Mellon campus is another key advantage. The business school does not have departments. Our culture promotes exploration and exposure to diverse fields. Students take classes across various colleges, alongside students in different disciplines — contributing to a broader mindset and skillset.

We work diligently to maintain strong recruiting relationships, often lasting decades, to exceed recruiters’ needs.

Carnegie Mellon’s Career and Professional Development Center publishes an annual report showing graduate employment information. (See the 2014, 20152016 and 2017 reports [pdfs].) 

Students Accept Offers From a Wide Range of Companies

  • Accenture 
  • Alcoa 
  • American Eagle 
  • Bank of America 
  • Barclays 
  • BNY Mellon 
  • Citi
  • Corning 
  • Credit Suisse 
  • Deloitte Consulting 
  • Deutsche Bank 
  • eBay 
  • Ernst & Young 
  • Facebook
  • Freddie Mac 
  • General Electric 
  • General Mills 
  • General Motors 
  • Goldman Sachs 
  • IBM 
  • J.P. Morgan Chase
  • McKinsey
  • Miami Dolphins
  • PNC
  • PricewaterhouseCoopers
  • Procore Technologies
  • Teach for America
  • Visa

Students have access to a variety of career-related activities, including:
  • Annual professional development and workshop calendar events.
  • Company information sessions.
  • Visits to employers.
  • Job fairs, including the Business Opportunities Conference and the Wednesday Night Insight speaker series, featuring senior alumni.
  • Campus visits by recruiters to share corporate overviews with students.

The Carnegie Mellon Career and Professional Development Center has a career consultant who works solely with undergraduate business students from the Tepper School of Business. First-years through seniors can schedule an appointment to meet with the career consultant.