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Undergraduate Business Curriculum

One degree. Unlimited possibilities.

Through our pioneering analytics and ongoing focus on leadership development, our undergraduate business program builds timeless problem-solving skills that prepare students to meet every challenge throughout their careers.

Our business curriculum offers breadth and flexibility. Students take classes from across Carnegie Mellon to enhance their quantitative and analytical reasoning skills and gain the social, economic, and political context for understanding business decisions in a global environment.

Each student develops and pursues their unique interests while taking advantage of the CMU and Tepper’s world-class faculty and curricular offerings.

Course Spotlight: Introduction to Accounting

This required course is taught by Erina Ytsma, Assistant Professor of Accounting.

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How Our Business Curriculum Is Structured

The business curriculum is designed around a central core of courses in the areas of business, economics, mathematics, and computing course requirements. In addition to our business core, our 11 concentrations allow students to excel in the specific business arena of their choosing. The array of courses within each area focus on current practices while benefiting from the research of faculty and business leaders.

Overall, the first year of the curriculum is devoted to acquiring a foundation of skills for analysis, communication, and context through courses in economics, quantitative skills development, and the liberal arts. And beginning in Fall 2019, first-year students will enroll in a new course, Business Science, that will set the foundation for their business education in the Tepper School.

The next two years develop the core competencies for in-depth study related to a focus and selecting a minor. The last year is for in-depth study in the focus area and completing the minor requirement.

Access the Best of CMU

Tepper School students benefit from the best that Carnegie Mellon has to offer. The required minor expands the depth and breadth of students’ understanding through other renowned CMU schools and colleges  — whether it’s fine arts, computer science, engineering, psychology, or any CMU program. Students also have the option to pursue an additional major or add a global perspective to their education through a wide range of opportunities to study abroad.

These experiences are further broadened through a variety of projects, project courses, internships, and leadership development, allowing students to practice the knowledge and skills that they are acquiring in the classroom and giving them the confidence they need to begin and develop their careers over a lifetime.