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Undergraduate Business Curriculum

Our curriculum prepares you for where business is going: a future fueled by data, powered by technology, and unleashed by human intelligence.

The business landscape is changing, and you are part of its future.

Tepper’s quantitative curriculum equips you to unlock the full power of data. Here, you won't just learn more. You'll learn more powerfully, equipped with the analytic skills to develop inventive solutions and the leadership presence to inspire others to join you.

Our business curriculum offers breadth and flexibility. You’ll take classes from across Carnegie Mellon to build your quantitative and analytical skills and gain the social, economic, and political context to make data-informed business decisions in an ever-changing global environment.

Course Spotlight: Introduction to Accounting

This required course is taught by Erina Ytsma, Assistant Professor of Accounting.

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How Our Business Curriculum Is Structured

Our business curriculum is designed around core courses that include business, economics, mathematics, and statistics course requirements. Our 8 concentrations allow students to go deep in their specific business area of interest. Courses build on leading business practices while being informed by the innovative research of our faculty.

The first-year curriculum is devoted to building foundational analysis, communication, and context skills through courses in economics, math, and the liberal arts. First-year students also enroll in Business Science, a course that sets the foundation for their business education.

After your first semester, you will discover that our curriculum is flexible and allows you to maximize your undergraduate studies to achieve your academic goals. During sophomore and junior years, you’ll concentrate on your business core classes, electives, and general education courses and select a minor. Senior year includes a senior capstone course and is flexible enough to finish your degree requirements in the pathway that works best for you.

Access the Best of CMU

Humming with the energy of next-generation business education, arts, robotics, computing, and engineering, Carnegie Mellon is a campus unlike any other. And Tepper students benefit from the best that Carnegie Mellon has to offer.

The required academic minor expands students’ depth and breadth through other renowned CMU schools and colleges — whether it’s fine arts, computer science, statistics, psychology, or any CMU program. You can also pursue an additional major or add a global perspective through study abroad opportunities.

Through projects, internships, and leadership development, you’ll exercise what you’ve absorbed in the classroom — giving you the confidence to launch and multiply your career over a lifetime.