Carnegie Mellon University
Undergraduate Business at the Tepper School

Undergraduate Business Curriculum

Our curriculum offers breadth and flexibility.

Students in the Tepper School benefit from the best teaching that Carnegie Mellon has to offer.

The business curriculum offers both breadth and flexibility. Students take classes from across Carnegie Mellon to enhance their skills in quantitative and analytic reasoning, and to provide the social, economic and political context for understanding business decisions in a global environment. The curriculum's requirement of an academic minor assures that in each semester, your program will include courses from other departments outside of the Tepper School.

Each student can develop and pursue their unique interests while taking advantage of the world-class faculty and curricular offerings in the liberal arts and sciences, engineering, computer science and arts programs for which we are so well-known.

In addition to the major’s core course requirements, there are 10 concentration areas that allow for the development of depth in a particular area of business practice. Each area has an array of courses that focus on current practices, while benefiting from the research of faculty and business leaders who anticipate the knowledge and skills which will be required in the future.

These experiences are further broadened through a variety of projects, project courses, internships and leadership development activities. These allow students to put into practice the knowledge and skills that they are acquiring in the classroom, giving them the confidence they need to begin and develop their careers over a lifetime.

The first year of the curriculum is devoted to acquiring a foundation of skills for analysis, communication and context through courses in economics, quantitative skills development and the liberal arts. The next two years develop the core competencies for in-depth study related to a focus and selecting a minor. The last year is for in-depth study in the focus area and completing the minor requirement.