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The MBA/MSCEE is a 2.5 year (5 semesters) degree that begins each year in August. This degree is designed for students with a BS degree in engineering but students with non-engineering backgrounds may also apply.

This dual degree offers the opportunity to develop technical and managerial skills in the management of civil and environmental engineering organizations, projects and systems as well as business management.

Each applicant must satisfy the admission requirements of the MBA program at the Tepper School and the MSCEE program in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE).

Students can apply for the dual degree program prior to the MBA application deadline or during their first year of the MBA program. Students applying during the first year of the MBA program must meet the application deadlines for the MSCEE program.  


Students will begin at the Tepper School and must complete 162 units of Tepper School MBA coursework.

Program Requirement Information

All students must complete a concentration, analytical depth requirement, Leadership modules and capstone course. Students should consult the Tepper Handbook for full details of requirements.  

While MBA students are permitted to take 18 units of graduate work outside of the MBA curriculum to complete the 192 unit requirement, this is not the case for dual degree students.

Since dual degree students have a reduced unit requirement, all units and requirements of the MBA degree must be satisfied by Tepper MBA courses only.

Sample Curriculum

Students spend their second year in the MS program in Civil & Environmental Engineering and must complete a total of 96 units for the MSCEE degree.

Twelve (12) Tepper units count toward the MSCEE degree, therefore 84 units remain. There are no core courses specifically required for the MSCEE degree. Sixty (60) units must be graduate level in the CEE department, and up to 24 units may be taken outside of CEE with permission of advisor. The maximum number of units permitted each semester in CEE is 48 (54 with special approval), therefore units must be spread over Year Two Fall and Spring semesters. 

Students work closely with a CEE academic advisor to develop a curriculum that is coherent and aligned with student goals.  Courses that count toward fulfillment of CEE requirements must be approved by the CEE academic advisor.

Academic Performance

Each student must maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of a 3.0 in all required courses and all courses required for graduation in both programs.

For additional information regarding the academic performance for the MBA program at the Tepper School of Business, please refer to the MBA Student Handbook. For information regarding the MSCEE program please refer to the CEE Program Requirements

Each candidate must be in “good” standing within all rules, regulations and policies applicable to the MBA program at the Tepper School and the MSCEE program in Civil and Environmental Engineering.

Students are responsible for checking to ensure that the degree requirements are being met for each of the programs, or if those requirements have been modified by either or both of the schools, then the modified requirements must be met.


Students are responsible for three semesters of tuition to the Tepper School and two semesters of tuition to Civil and Environmental Engineering.

  • In the first year, students will pay tuition for two semesters to the Tepper School at the MBA full time rate.
  • In the second year, students will pay tuition for two semesters to the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the MSCEE full time rate.
  • For the final semester (5th), students will pay for one semester to the Tepper School at the MBA full time rate.

Financial Aid

Financial Aid will be processed by the school that is due the tuition. Scholarships do not transfer between schools. Please note that in any semester you must be registered for at least 18 units in order to be eligible for federal financial aid.

Career Advising

Dual Degree students will have full access to the services provided by the Tepper Career Opportunities Center, the CEE Career Services Office, and the CIT Career Center (located in the bottom floor of the University Center).

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