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Carnegie Mellon Leadership and Negotiation Academy for Women

Do you ask for what you want or are you waiting to be offered the opportunity that will advance your career? It’s time to take charge.

The Carnegie Mellon Leadership and Negotiation Academy for Women develops critical leadership skills through the lens of negotiation. Participants master invaluable negotiating skills and gain expertise in areas such as strategic visioning, leadership branding, expanding networks of influence and navigating barriers.

The academy of six two-day modules is led by renowned Carnegie Mellon and other top-tier business school faculty. With a focus on practical implementation, the academy successfully blends academics with personal executive coaching and peer collaboration to deliver 360-degree development for all participants. Alumni immediately and directly apply expanded abilities and positively impact performance, team members and their organization's ultimate bottom line.

Contact a program director at 412-268-2304 or email to learn more.

Interested candidates from the Greater Pittsburgh area may be eligible for the Barbara McNees Spirit of ATHENA Scholarship. Learn more about application criteria.

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Program Overview
Featured Faculty

Program Overview and Participants

The Carnegie Mellon Leadership and Negotiation Academy consists of one module per month (Friday/Saturday) from September 2018 through February 2019. Modules focus on the following topics:

Defining your Leadership Identity

Understand the unique challenges that women leaders face as they seek to make strategic contributions and assume leadership roles. Create an accurate, appreciative and complex picture of your personal and professional leadership self-concept to develop the capacity to lead with greater impact. 

Negotiation Masterclass 1

What do you want? Why do you want it? What are the obstacles to getting it? Recognize opportunities to negotiate, eliminate anxiety, feel entitled to get what you want and avoid social consequences that inhibit good outcomes for you and your organization. Explore negotiation and organizational obstacles. Master a protocol for planning and executing negotiations.

Strategic Thinking

Learn techniques for translating vision into strategic planning and execution. Understand how organizational structure impacts effective strategy development and implementation.

Building Networks of Influence

Learn how to identify and navigate your organization’s internal networks to better understand how they influence performance, promotions and decision-making. Assess the adequacy of your existing and potential network ties in achieving your strategic career goals.

Financial Decision-Making

Build literacy and decision-making skills for financial and non-financial participants. Enhance understanding of capital expenditure significance and improve capital expenditure analysis and business justification. Deepen understanding of the principles of shareholder value, its key value drivers and the role that management plays in its creation and enhancement.

Managing Teams and Conflict

Explore best practice when it comes to managing, problem-solving and collaborating in teams 

Leading and Creating Stars at Work

Test a research-based framework for developing and leading star performers. Walk away with ideas and strategies that you can implement in real time when you return to work.

Negotiation Masterclass 2

Create and claim value, develop strategies of influence and learn to create integrative agreements that benefit all sides. Master competitive negotiation strategies in dual- and multi-party scenarios.

Business Leadership

Develop the ability to recognize the relationships, complexities and implications of a situation; anticipate possibilities; and plan what to do. Learn about approaches for thinking about the future and modeling possible future states.

Executive Presence

Achieve executive presence, project authority, command respect and build strong and lasting relationships. Manage your visibility, gravitas and communication style for maximum effectiveness in the workplace.

Culture and Change

Organizational culture is critical for keeping an organization on its course through disruption, growth and change. Explore how to create and support an organizational culture that enables transformation while maintaining performance. 

Reflection on Leadership Identity

Synthesis of Academy: pulling it all together and preparing for the next step of leadership. Importance of cohort connections, support and phase 2 goal setting. 

Negotiation Masterclass 3

Build a negotiation legacy by recognizing bias, understanding resistance and constraints and successfully navigating imbalances in bargaining power.

Program Participants

This program is designed for women leaders with significant responsibilities within the corporate, public sector, entrepreneurial, academic or nonprofit environments — more specifically, women leaders with eight or more years of experience leading people and/or projects.

Featured Faculty

Dr. Linda Babcock

Department Head and James M. Walton Professor of Economics

Dr. Linda Babcock

David Lassman

Distinguished Service Professor of Organizational Management

David Lassman

Anita Woolley

Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior and Theory

Photo of Anita Woolley

Robert Kelley

Distinguished Service Professor of Management

Robert Kelley

Leanne Meyer

Executive Director, Accelerate Leadership Center; Academy Director

Photo of Leanne Meyer

Sara Laschever

Author, Editor and Specialist About Women’s Life and Career Obstacles

Sara Laschever