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Leadership and Negotiation Academy for Women

You're a proven and successful leader — hard-working, goal-oriented, effective. That’s just the beginning.

Jan. 25 - Feb. 25, 2021 | online | $6,700

To reach your potential — entry to the highest executive levels — you need a strategic plan, a personal map to guide you to the top.

The Leadership and Negotiation Academy will help craft your leadership brand for both individual and organizational success while leveraging the unique strengths and addressing the challenges specific to women business leaders. It will arm you with the tools for effective negotiation to hurdle obstacles, secure necessary resources and further your upward trajectory.

Learn from both proven experts in relevant fields and renowned faculty on the leading edge. Strengthen key negotiating skills, particularly crucial for women in business. Explore critical areas that include networking, sponsorship and executive presence required for getting things done through others and across organizational boundaries. 

The Leadership and Negotiation Academy is far more than a series of passive classroom lectures. Be prepared for an interactive, results-driven week that will leave you with a defined plan of action to take your career to the next level — the one you deserve.

Scholarships are available for candidates in the public, not-for-profit, or entrepreneur/small business sector. Learn more about the Barbara McNees Scholarship

Key Takeaways

  • Enhance your uniquely executive leadership brand.
  • Master vital negotiation skills.

  • Discover how to navigate and leverage internal networks.

  • Learn to cultivate essential organizational sponsorship.

  • Grasp the effective communication and marketing of your leadership brand.

  • Build strategic vision and leadership capabilities.

Who should attend?

This program is designed for women leaders with significant responsibilities within the corporate, public sector, entrepreneurial, academic or nonprofit environments — more specifically, women leaders with eight or more years of experience leading people and/or projects.

The Leadership and Negotiation Academy also is open to executives of all genders who are interested in advancing women in business.

Program Topics

Leadership Brand 2.0

Understand the unique challenges that women leaders face as they seek to make strategic contributions and assume leadership roles at the executive level. Create an accurate, appreciative and complex picture of your personal and professional leadership self-concept to develop the capacity to lead with greater impact at the next level.

Strategic Thinking

Create growth strategies that align enterprise vision and performance management. Employ framework to innovate the business model and more effectively gain organizational buy-in.

Mastering Negotiation

Recognize opportunities to negotiate, eliminate anxiety, feel entitled to get what you want and avoid social consequences that inhibit good outcomes for you and your organization. Explore negotiation and organizational obstacles and learn an executable protocol for planning and managing most negotiations.

The Power of Sponsorship

Successful executives credit the valuable support of professional sponsors in their success. This sponsor holds an influential position in the organization and openly advocates on your behalf. Learn how to identify these valuable relationships and operate as a sponsor.

Leveraging Networks for Success

Learn how to identify and navigate your organization’s internal networks to better understand how they influence performance, promotions and decision-making. Assess the adequacy of your existing and potential network ties in achieving your strategic career goals.

Executive Presence 2.0

Achieve executive presence, project authority, command respect and build strong and lasting relationships. Manage your visibility, gravitas and communication style for maximum effectiveness in the workplace.

Earn the Carnegie Mellon Certificate in Executive Leadership

Participate in three executive education open enrollment programs in five years to earn Carnegie Mellon’s highest certificate designation for executive education.


"This program is truly unique. In five days, we were able to tackle negotiation skills, and I was able to be vulnerable and take control of what I think my vision is." 

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