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Forward-thinkers. Future dreamers. Problem-solvers. Collaborators. We are the Tepper School of Business, where human intelligence unlocks the power of data.

Why Tepper

A Top-Ranked Business School

400+ Startups

Formed since 2008

Ranked #2

Online MBA

Ranked #7

Undergraduate Business
U.S. News & World Report

Interdisciplinary Initiatives and Innovation

As the world speeds toward a future defined by vast quantities of data, how will we use this information to reimagine what’s possible? Tepper School initiatives unite researchers, students, and industry leaders to grapple with the important questions that shape business and society.


The Business School for The Intelligent Future

The Tepper Quad elevates the business school as an interconnected partner for all Carnegie Mellon colleges, integrating business, technology, and analytics.

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