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Undergraduate Economics Program

Carnegie Mellon’s long history of innovative research in economics provides students with the knowledge and experience needed to understand how the economy works today and how it can work better in the future. 

The Undergraduate Economics Program at the Tepper School offers a solid foundation built upon analytical rigor, asks data-informed questions about key societal issues, and provides a curriculum in which students are exposed to forefront research by the faculty doing the work. These are the hallmarks of Carnegie Mellon Economics.

Information Session

Kathleen Conway, Ed.D., Senior Academic Advisor and Program Manager, answers your frequently asked questions about the program.

Research Opportunities

Professor Laurence Ales, Associate Professor and Director of Undergraduate Research in Economics, talks about research opportunities within the program.

Career Opportunities

Matthew Seeley, Ed.M., Assistant Director and Career Consultant at the Career and Professional Development Center, discusses career opportunities.

Your Journey in Undergraduate Economics

With five degree options, five concentrations, and many course electives, the undergraduate economics program opens up a wide variety of career avenues to explore. In whichever degree program you choose, research will be an integral part of your experience in and out of the classroom, from start to finish — beginning with your first economics courses and ending with independent research in the Senior Project capstone course or the Senior Honors Program in Economics. In the end, you’ll be prepared to lead, innovate, and stand apart in any field you choose.

“One of the things that stands out about Carnegie Mellon’s economics program is that a lot of courses are offered through the Tepper School. I’ve been able to dabble in all sorts of learning environments and become a well-rounded graduate.”

Ayushi Ray
Undergraduate Economics, Class of 2023

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