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Advising Philosophy

The undergraduate economics program considers academic advising as one of its most important responsibilities and is committed to providing students with the opportunity to have meaningful and informative discussions about their academic, intellectual, and career interests with a wide range of advisers and mentors. Identifying the primary degree to pursue should be undertaken as a collaborative process with the program advisers.

At Carnegie Mellon, advising is more than choosing classes. Advising involves helping students match their strengths and interests to the particular contents of a program of study and then continuing to design a balanced and rich undergraduate academic experience that will prepare a student to pursue intellectual, personal, and professional goals. We provide holistic advising and encourage students to develop meaningful relationships with their advisers.

Amanda Mitchell

amanda mitchell

I am a Pittsburgh-er at heart - I moved here to attend Carnegie Mellon as an undergraduate and I haven’t left (CEE 2008 and 2009). I currently serve as an undergraduate academic advisor in the Statistics & Data Science Department, working with students in Economics and Statistics and Statistics & Machine Learning. Prior to joining the department in 2020, I worked as an advisor for masters students in CMU’s Integrated Innovation Institute.

Once you are a declared Statistics & Data Science student, feel free to make me your point person. You can contact me with any questions you have but the most common ones might be about your major, courses, research opportunities, resources or accommodations, etc. When in doubt, just send me an email!

Co-advisor of record to all students with declared majors in Economics and Statistics. You can find out more about Amanda on the Department of Statistics & Data Sciences website.

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Emily Half, M.A.

Emily Half

Emily Half is the Deputy Director for the Institute for Politics and Strategy (IPS). She provides strategic support to the director to execute the mission and vision of IPS. Emily advises all undergraduate and graduate students in the Institute for Politics and Strategy. 

Emily is dedicated to holistic academic advising and supports her students in their decisions around course selection and degree requirements, study abroad, research opportunities, fellowships and scholarships, internships, and post-graduation opportunities. She is passionate about knowing each and every one of her advisees and their individual passions in order to assist them in developing a network of resources to support their undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate experiences.

Her goal is to enable their growth as students, scholars, and critical global citizens by presenting them with opportunities and breaking down barriers to success. She is the 2017 recipient of Carnegie Mellon University's Award for Outstanding Contributions to Academic Advising and Mentoring. The Academic Advising Award is intended to recognize a commitment to helping students in selecting courses, focusing and managing research, choosing a major/minor, determining long-term career and personal development goals, and defining and achieving academic goals.

Prior to her work in the Dietrich College, Emily served the university in the division of student affairs in a variety of capacities including study abroad, multicultural programming, and residence life. Emily has been with Carnegie Mellon University since 2000. She has a master's degree in English from Pennsylvania State University and a bachelor's degree in English and Spanish from Bucknell University.

Co-advisor of record to all students with declared majors in Economics and Politics. You can find out more about Emily on the Institute for Policy and Strategy website.