Carnegie Mellon University

Requirements for a Ph.D. in Business Technologies

The requirements for the Ph.D. in Business Technologies include all of those for Tepper Ph.D. students, including the First Year Paper and the Second Year Paper, plus the following:

Core Courses*:

  • Microeconomics I
  • Microeconomics II
  • Econometrics I
  • Econometrics II
  • Machine Learning
  • BT Seminar – Econo-mining
  • BT Seminar – Estimating Dynamic and Structural Models
  • BT Seminar III and IV – Topics will change every year

*The content covered in these courses will be part of the qualifiers, as a result, they should be completed by the end of the 3rd semester.

Recommended Courses:

  • Microeconomics III
  • Topics in Applied Economics: Structural Models
  • Topics in Applied Economics: Advanced Econometrics
  • Topics in Applied Economics: IO
  • Topics in Applied Economics: Causality
  • Bayesian Statistics in Marketing
  • Analytical Models in Marketing
  • Deep Reinforcement Learning and Control
  • Convex Optimization
  • Probabilistic graphic models
  • Dynamic Programming

All students in BT take Economics as the reference discipline. 


By the end of the third semester, students must pass the qualifying exams in Business Technologies (see below), and a subset of the Economics qualifying exams focusing on micro-economics and econometrics.   Students with appropriate preparation prior to their entry to the program may choose to take the qualifying exams prior to the third semester, however, they must take the entire set of qualifiers as outlined below. 

There will be two BT exams: Breadth and Depth

  • BT Breadth Exam: The breadth exam tests the student on the content covered in the seminars.
  • BT Depth Exam: The depth exam tests the student’s knowledge on a chosen topic.  

Economics: Students are required to take the following qualifiers:

  • Microeconomics I and II
  • Econometrics I and II