Carnegie Mellon University
Tepper MBAs, two men and two women, in the Tepper Quad

MBA Careers

Recruiters love Tepper MBAs. Here’s the proof.

Companies are looking for leaders with tenacity, imagination, and a collaborative spirit, and they know they will find them here. Recruiters recognize that our graduates know how to use data-fueled techniques to find innovative solutions for complex problems.

The Bloomberg Businessweek Best B-Schools ranking of full-time MBA programs relies in part on surveys from employers who recruit MBA graduates. Those survey results give insight into what recruiters value and how well the top schools deliver on those measures. Here's how the Tepper ranks.

How Recruiters View Tepper MBA Candidates


Diverse Pool of Quality Candidates


Better Trained Graduates Than Other Schools


Exceptional Entrepreneurial Skills and Drive


Most Innovative and Creative Graduates

“It’s a very cooperative experience. It’s cumulative. CMU has an elite reputation based on the strengths of so many aspects. You have opportunities to come together and build on ideas that come from vastly different perspectives.”

Gabe Isaacson (MBA 2019) 
McKinsey & Co.