Carnegie Mellon University

Entrepreneurial Alternatives

Course Number: 45806

Entrepreneurial Alternatives will examine paths of entrepreneurship outside of high-growth, new venture creation. In particular, the course will focus on tactical elements of business acquisition and franchise purchase including target evaluation, financial analysis of targets, business valuation, deal structuring, financing of purchases, and post-purchase operations and integration. In addition to its focus on business acquisition and franchise purchase, this course will explore other alternative entrepreneurial paths including social entrepreneurship and corporate entrepreneurship.

Non-Tepper students must request faculty permission to register. These are handled on a case by case basis. (2013)

Degree: MBA
Concentration: Entrepreneurship
Academic Year: 2023-2024
Semester(s): Mini 4, Mini 5
Required/Elective: Elective
Units: 6


Lecture: 100min/wk and Recitation: 50min/wk