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Reunion Weekend 2019

This year’s Reunion Weekend on April 12-13, 2019 marked the start of a new tradition for the Tepper School as the first one to take place in the new Tepper Quad.

A total of 599 alumni and guests attended, representing the second-highest total attendance to date. With 416 alumni attending, four classes set records for attendance for their respective milestone years: 1974 (four alumni), 1984 (28 alumni), 1989 (41 alumni), and 1999 (59 alumni).

Reunion Weekend 2018

Reunion 2018 was one for the record books! An astounding 435 alumni and their guests and a total of 627 attendees celebrated during the weekend of April 20-21. 

Record-setting classes included 2017 (79 alumni, 1-year reunion), 2003 (52 alumni, 15-year reunion), 1993 (83 alumni, 25-year reunion), and 1988 (31 alumni, 30-year reunion). The 25-year reunion class from 1993 also earned the honor of the largest single class ever to attend, with 83 alumni in attendance!

Reunion Weekend 2017

We celebrated the second largest Reunion in the school's history with 308 alumni and their guests, for a total of 424 attendees joining us over April 21-22. New records were set for the 20-year and 35-year milestones by the classes of 1997 (43 alumni) and 1982 (23 alumni), and the class of 2016 tied the current 1-year reunion record of 63 alumni.  

Reunion Weekend 2016

We welcomed alumni back to campus in every milestone class from the one-year reunion through 50-year reunion during Reunion Weekend 2016, April 15-16. The Classes of 2011 and 1986 set new milestone reunion attendance count records with 69 and 28 attendees respectively. Congratulations on raising the bar! 

Reunion Weekend 2015

A total of 421 guests were recorded as attending Tepper School reunion festivities in Pittsburgh April 1-18, and even more of the Tepper community celebrated Reunion Weekend throughout the world by posting to social media and sharing their classmate updates. It was a weekend filled with reminiscing, catching up, and making new memories. The Class of 2010 set the bar for highest attendance recorded by an individual class with 66 alumni attendees.

Reunion Weekend 2014

Thank you to all of our alumni and guests who celebrated Reunion Weekend 2014. Your participation still holds the Reunion Weekend attendance record of 440 total attendees. From celebratory class parties throughout the city to insightful discussion during faculty presentations and a memorable night at Heinz Field — we couldn't have done it without you.

Reunion Weekend 2013

Reunion Weekend 2013 attendees were the first group to break the 300 alumni attendee mark and to cross the total guest benchmark of 400 people. You set the bar high!