Carnegie Mellon University

Inclusive Approaches to Resolving Workplace Conflicts

Course Number: 45890

Consulting and Conflict Resolution offers you a systematic methodology for improving your interpersonal communications skills as well as your effectiveness as a consultant, mediator, and business leader. In the course students learn how employ the strategies that experts use to handle difficult people, to circumvent the dirty tricks that hard bargainers play, and to get their business recommendations and advice implemented. Students role-play consultants, clients, CEO's, investors, etc. in real business cases and receive extensive feedback on their performance. Students also have the opportunity to negotiate with a high-level labor negotiator and to consult with experienced management consultants playing the roles of some of their most difficult clients.

Suggested texts include Peter Block's Flawless Consulting and Fisher and Ury's Getting to Yes. There are no restrictions or prerequisites for the course. (2013)

Degree: MBA
Concentration: Business Management Communications
Academic Year: 2022-2023
Semester(s): Mini 2, Mini 5
Required/Elective: Elective
Units: 6


Lecture: 100min/wk and Recitation: 50min/wk