Carnegie Mellon University

Pregnancy or Adoption

When you welcome a child into your family, there are steps you should take to update your benefit elections to ensure that your child is covered. Eligible employees may take advantage of maternity leave and FMLA leave, as well as many other benefits and resources for new parents.

When planning to add a child to your family, you are strongly encouraged to contact a Leaves Administration staff member for guidance on your leave options.

  • Expectant mothers should begin the maternity leave process by initiating a short-term disability claim
    • Contact MetLife at 866-729-9201 to initiate your short-term disability claim no earlier than 30 days prior to your expected due date. Your claim must be approved by MetLife before you can be paid short-term disability benefits.

    • The period of short-term disability for a maternity leave is typically six or eight weeks following the birth of your child, depending upon the type of delivery. The first five working days of your disability period is an unpaid waiting period. You can choose to use either PTO or Floating Holidays during the waiting period or you can take the time unpaid. Prior to the start of your leave, advise Leaves Administration of how you wish to handle the waiting period.
    • The short-term disability pay will begin after the waiting period. You will be paid at 60% of your pay rate for five or seven weeks following delivery (depending upon the type of delivery). Available Reserve Sick Days can be used to receive 100% pay in lieu of the 60% short-term disability pay. The short-term disability is paid by Carnegie Mellon through the normal payroll process on regularly scheduled pay dates.

  • All new parents who meet eligibility requirements may take Family and Medical Leave to care for a newborn or newly-adopted child.
    • FMLA leave is a maximum of 12 weeks.

    • All new parents who plan to take FMLA leave must complete the Application for Family and Medical Leave of Absence [pdf] and the appropriate certification form at least 30 days in advance of the leave (or with as much advance notice as possible).
    • For mothers who also take maternity leave upon the birth of your child, the FMLA leave begins on the first day of your disability period and runs concurrent with the short-term disability. You may use any FMLA time that remains after your short-term disability ends to care for your newborn child.

      • The remaining FMLA time is unpaid unless you have PTO you wish to use concurrent with the FMLA.

      • The remaining FMLA time can be used as a continuous period of time or it can be used intermittently up to one year from your child’s date of birth; not to exceed the FMLA maximum of 12 weeks.

      • Family Medical Leave forms need to be completed and returned to Leaves Administration no earlier than 30 days prior to your expected due date. The Application for Family and Medical Leave of Absence [pdf] is to be completed by you. Your doctor needs to complete the Certification for Employee’s Own Serious Health Condition [pdf]. Both forms are to be returned to Leaves Administration by fax to 412-268-7472 or by email to a member of the Leaves Administration team.

  • During short-term disability leave:
    • Health and welfare benefits continue at the normal employee rates during short-term disability leave. The cost of the benefit will be deducted from your short-term disability payment.
    • Retirement contributions continue during short-term disability leave.
  • During Family and Medical Leave:
    • Health and welfare benefits continue at the normal employee rates.
    • Retirement contributions continue only if using Paid Time Off.
  • Enrolling Your Child in Benefits — You have 30 calendar days from the date of your child’s birth or adoption to add your child to your benefits elections. The benefit election change due to a qualifying life event is done through Workday after your child is born. You will be required to provide your child’s birth certificate within 30 calendar days of enrollment. See the Change Benefit Elections Quick Guide [pdf] for instructions. If you need assistance with processing this change, contact the HR CMUWorks Service Center.