Carnegie Mellon University

Optional Life and AD&D Insurance

Full-time benefits-eligible faculty and staff may purchase optional insurance in increments of your life base salary.

Purchase one to four levels of insurance, up to a maximum of $1,000,000 coverage (basic plus optional coverage combined).

— An Evidence of Insurability form is required for optional coverage of more than $500,000 (not combined with Basic).

Rates are based on age and base salary.

Enroll in optional coverage within 30 days of your benefits-eligibility.

Increase optional coverage at Open Enrollment or with a life status change.

Imputed income taxes are required for the value of life insurance coverage in excess of $50,000.

Age (as
of Jan 1)
Rate per
$1,000 of
Under 30 $0.057
30–34 $0.068
35–39 $0.072
40–44 $0.082
45–49 $0.092
50–54 $0.146
55–59 $0.211
60–64 $0.340
65–69 $0.569
70 and over $1.136
Divide result by two for biweekly cost