Carnegie Mellon University


The FocusU learning management system provides the resources you need to further your professional development. Log in to FocusU with your Andrew ID and password. 

New employees, please note: It can take three to five days once onboarding is complete in Workday to have access to FocusU. If you are unable to log in to the site and are staff or faculty, contact or 412-268-3862.

How to Use FocusU

Use "My Learning" to register and access learning features:

  • Role — Identify your role to get skills, books and journeys that best suit your needs.
  • Recent learning — View your recently-accessed courses and content.
  • Live learning — View and manage the sessions you're signed up for. 
    • To register for a course, select "View all live learning." Choose a course and a session, then select "Register." Use "Add to Calendar" to import the class invite into your calendar (Apple, Google, Outlook, etc.).
    • To cancel a course, select the course, then "Cancel registration."
  • Skill benchmarks — Take a skill benchmark test to gauge your skill in a specific area, then get personalized recommendations to improve any skill gaps.
  • Playlists — Create a playlist to save content for later.
  • Goals — Set a goal with a time frame that works with your schedule. Aim to learn something new every week!
  • Guide me — Use prompts to get started with new goals and tasks.

Looking for a specific learning program?

  • Method 1: Search
    1. Type your query into "Search our library" on your homepage.
    2. Filter by type, subject, content source or other qualifier.
  • Method 2: Browse
    • Select "Library" in the top left of your homepage, then "All Live Courses."
    • CMU-created content is in "CMU Learning Materials." Other content is organized in the "Skill Areas."
      • CMU Learning Resources include individual courses, external learning materials, and learning programs.
      • Live Courses (ILT) include all live courses.

Use "My Profile" to track learning activity:

Select "My Profile" at the top right of your homepage. Here, you can access your training history and account preferences, update your assignments and activity, and more.