Carnegie Mellon University

Medical Coverage Comparison

Plan Feature PPO Option 1 PPO Option 2 High Deductible PPO with HRA HMO
Carrier Options Highmark, UPMC Highmark, UPMC Highmark, UPMC Aetna
Annual Deductible (Individual/Family)1
In-Network Providers $250/$500 $350/$700 $1,000/$2,000 $0/$0
Out-of Network Providers $500/$1,000 $500/$1,000 $2,000/$4,000 Not covered
Annual Out-of-Pocket Maximum (Individual/Family)2
In-Network Providers $1,500/$3,000 $2,500/$5,000 $4,500/$9,000 $1,000/$2,000
Out-of-Network Providers $3,000/$6,000 $3,000/$6,000 Unlimited Not covered
Plan Coinsurance Responsibility (After deductible)
In-Network Providers 90% 80% 80% 100%
Out-of-Network Providers 60% of UCR3 60% of UCR3 60% of UCR3 Not covered
Carnegie Mellon HRA Contribution
Individual/Family N/A N/A $250/$5004 N/A
Physician Visit (Copay/Coinsurance)
Primary Care Office Visit $20 $20 80% $15
Specialist Office Visit $35 $35 80% $30
Preventive Care (per schedule)1 $0 $0 $0 $0
Emergency Room Visit (waived if admitted) $100 $100 80% $50
Primary and Specialist Office Visit 60% of UCR3 60% of UCR3 60% of UCR3 Not covered
Preventive Care 60% of UCR3 60% of UCR3 60% of UCR3 Not covered
Emergency Room Visit (waived if admitted) $100 $100 80% $50
1 The deductible and copay do not apply when adult or pediatric preventive care is performed according to the plan's schedule. If tests or lab work that are not on the plan's preventive care schedules are performed, the individual's portion of the cost will be applied to the deductible. For more information, see Preventive Health Care.
2 The deductible and out-of-pocket maximum are tracked separately for in- and out-of-network services under all plans. The annual out-of-pocket maximum includes deductible, copays, and coinsurance.
3 UCR = usual, customary, and reasonable charges the carrier has established for medical services. Out-of-network providers may bill you for their charges in excess of the UCR. Expenses in excess of the UCR do not count toward the out-of-pocket maximum.
4 Amount is prorated if enrolling midyear.