Carnegie Mellon University

Executive Assistant III

Job Profile Summary

Under the overall direction of the vice president, an executive assistant III is responsible for setting priorities and managing the execution of the administrative and possibly financial functions for the vice president. Executive assistant III's require a substantive understanding of the office’s mission and objectives, critical projects, key employees and issues. Within parameters set by the vice president, this position is tasked with solving problems with and through internal colleagues and university stakeholders. With guidance from the vice president, this position will be making decisions that assure the smooth operation of the office and projects critical to its success. This position will regularly handle sensitive information, which requires maintaining strict confidentiality and discretion. This position title may be used only when supporting VP’s/executives and must be approved by Compensation.

  • Within parameters defined by the vice president, troubleshoot and resolve problems within the scope of the department, office or university. Refers only the most difficult or sensitive issues to the vice president.
  • Managing the administration of the office of the vice president by working collaboratively with others inside and outside the university. May prepare correspondence, presentations or reports on behalf of the vice president.
  • Identifying priorities for the office and may bring new or pending issues to the attention of the vice president.
  • Assuring that the operations of the office are in good working order, financial reviews and reconciliation are completed and discrepancies are resolved. Maintains accurate records and knowledge of budget expenditures, and counsels vice president on status, opportunities and concerns on a regular basis.
  • Other duties as assigned

Training and Development Opportunities

Executive assistant III's are strongly encouraged to seek professional growth and to further explore the resources and opportunities provided by our learning partners for content, events and other information pertinent to the needs and skills required to be successful executive assistants.