Carnegie Mellon University

Creating a Lactation Space

It is the university's intention to provide a private, clean and comfortable space for breastfeeding individuals. An unused large closet or private area off a women's restroom can serve this purpose, provided it is at least 7' x 7', well-ventilated, has a door that locks, has a power source, and is completely private. The room should also be accessible to those with disabilities and include a chair, desk, and small table or shelf. Please contact Campus Design and Facility Development for information on how to set up your lactation space. 

Guidelines and Recommendations

Because space is at a premium, many departments may need to think creatively to identify a location to accommodate breastfeeding individuals. The identified space should:

  • have at least one three-prong outlet
  • be available on a regular basis at half-hour intervals for at least three to four times daily
  • have a locking door
  • be outfitted with blinds or shades that can be drawn to cover the windows, if necessary
  • be shielded from public view
  • be void of intrusions from co-workers
  • offer a comfortable location for breastfeeding individuals, such as a couch or comfortable chair

Ideas for such spaces include offices or conference rooms that can be reserved on a regular basis. Bathrooms may not be used as a lactation room. It is also recommended to avoid such spaces as janitorial closets and supply closets. For assistance identifying a space, please contact Campus Design and Facility Development.