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Medical Plans

Eligible faculty and staff members can choose from seven plan options. Learn more about the options available to you, rates, coverage and resources provided by each plan.


You must be full-time benefits eligible (37.5 scheduled hours per week) or part-time benefits eligible (at least 17.5 scheduled hours per week) to enroll in medical plans. Shuttle drivers and members of the Campus Police Association must be scheduled to work 40 hours per week to be full-time benefits eligible.

Medical Plan Options

View the Medical Coverage Comparison Chart and Medical Plan Resources for more information.

Preferred Provider Organization (PPO)

Available through UPMC or Highmark

PPO plans give you the flexibility to use in- or out-of-network providers without referrals. A higher level of benefits is provided when in-network providers are used, resulting in lower out-of-pocket costs for you.

High Deductible PPO with Health Reimbursement Account 

Available through UPMC or Highmark

The High-Deductible PPO has a higher deductible and a lower monthly premium. CMU funds a Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) that you can use to help pay for eligible deductible expenses. Once your health care expenses for the year exceed your deductible, the PPO plan begins paying benefits. Unused HRA funds can be rolled over to the following year up to a maximum of three years’ accumulation.

Health Maintenance Organization (HMO)

Available through Aetna

HMOs have low out-of-pocket expenses (no deductible or coinsurance) but do not provide benefits if you use out-of-network providers (except in the case of an emergency). Referrals to specialist care and related services are not required in most circumstances.

Medical Plan Contacts and Provider Search Tools


  • Phone: 800-835-8742
  • Aetna Provider Search — When prompted to Select a Plan, choose "Aetna Select (Open Access)" under "Aetna Open Access Plans." Aetna members both within and outside of Western PA can use this search to find a provider.

Highmark Blue Cross/Blue Shield

UPMC Health Plan