Carnegie Mellon University

Temporary Employment Service for Hiring Managers

Temporary Employment Service (TES) is your internal source for temporary staffing across the Carnegie Mellon University community. TES is a collaborative partner with hiring managers in need of temporary office support. We are a recognized resource with a passion for providing excellent customer service and value to your organization by providing talented, fully screened temporary staff in a cost effective manner.

Common requests for support include position vacancies, leaves of absence, peak rush periods or special events, and cyclical project work. TES employees have demonstrated experience in administrative support, event planning, finance and accounting, multi-media technology and design as well as research assistance.

On this page:

Make a Request with TES

  1. Complete and submit the TES Staffing Request Form to begin the process.
  2. A member of the TES team will schedule a virtual meeting with you to confirm details and answer any questions you may have. It is important for us to establish a clear understanding of the request and the skills needed to meet your needs. Pay and bill rate will also be discussed at this time.

Select Your Candidate and Extend an Offer

  1. Upon receiving a request for temporary support, TES reviews its pool of employees to determine relevant experience, availability and interest. TES staff members continually source candidates who demonstrate proficient administrative abilities with excellent communication and technical skills. These candidates have completed skills assessments with us, and employment references have been conducted. Internal TES employees have background checks on file including criminal history and employment and education verification. Please note: candidates being hired into their first assignment will need to undergo the background check process.
    • Candidate resumes will be shared with you for review.
    • TES will coordinate a virtual or in-person interview for you.
  2. Once you have selected a candidate for your position, TES will extend the offer to the candidate. A start date will be determined based on completion of the hiring process and creation of the Andrew ID.
  3. After the start date has been determined, TES will send you a placement confirmation email with relevant details.
  4. TES will create the position and add the job in Workday to hire the employee into the temporary role. The department will need to provide the appropriate supervisory organization for the position.

Extend or End the Temporary Assignment

  • TES employees may remain on assignment for up to six months without approval. Beyond six months, additional approvals are required.
  • At the conclusion of the assignment, TES will close the position in Workday after the final pay has been processed.

Transition a TES Employee to a Regular Position in Your Organization

TES employees are often hired into regular full- or part-time positions at the university after demonstrating their skills and abilities as a valuable member of a team. TES allows for transition into a position that has been posted and a competitive search conducted without time limitation or additional fees.

Associated Fees

The bill rate for a TES employee includes the employee's hourly rate of pay which is confirmed with you, the applicable fringe benefit rate and TES overhead rate of 21.5%.* These charges are billed automatically to the department Oracle string entered in Workday. Use the TES rate calculator [xlsx] to determine the rate for your temporary position.

*External temporary staffing vendors commonly charge 40–60% overhead rate with additional conversion fees should you want to hire their employee into a regular position with your department.