Carnegie Mellon University

Temporary Employment Service for Hiring Managers

Temporary Employment Service (TES) is a collaborative partner with hiring managers who need temporary office support. We are a recognized internal resource with a passion for providing excellent customer service and value to your organization. TES provides screened, well-qualified candidates for diverse, temporary assignments of varying duration across campus. Working with TES provides you an opportunity to assess a candidate's abilities in consideration for a permanent role within your organization.

TES can provide temporary office support during:

  • Position vacancies
  • Leaves of absence
  • Vacations/extended travel
  • Resignations or retirements
  • Peak rush periods or special events
  • Cyclical project work

Temporary staff assignments include:

  • Administrative Coordinator/Administrative Assistant
  • Finance and Accounting Clerk
  • Database Coordinator
  • Receptionist
  • Event Planner
  • Entry-Level Help Desk
  • Media Technology Equipment Tech
  • Executive Assistant
  • Research Assistant
  • Laboratory Assistant
  • Mail/Package Handler
  • Retail/Cashier
  1. Contact a TES staff member to begin the process: Patricia Schaller at 412-268-7478 or Allison Turner at 412-268-5073.
  2. Provide the TES staff member with the details of the position:
    • start date/anticipated end date
    • location/hours
    • expected assignment responsibilities/job profile/grade level
  3. TES will send you a request confirmation email with instructions to create the position in Workday.
  4. TES will source viable candidates for your position and coordinate an interview between you and the candidates.
  5. Once you have selected a candidate for your position, TES will send you a placement confirmation email with instructions to hire employee into the position you created in Workday.

TES staff members will work with you to establish a clear understanding of the assignment and the skills needed to meet your needs.

TES will source available internal employees as well as new applicants and send resumes to you for review.

TES also works in collaboration with Recruiting and Staffing Services to identify additional candidates.

TES will coordinate an interview between you and the candidate(s) being considered.

TES conducts an interview, skills assessments and professional references for all employees who are placed into TES positions.

TES conducts background checks for all TES employees.

TES manages Workday new-hire and onboarding processes for all employees hired into TES.

New employees attend TES orientation, work with TES staff members to set up their Andrew ID and receive useful Workday instruction.

Encourage welcoming by all team members and have dedicated space and resources ready for your TES employee upon arrival. 

Schedule weekly meetings with your TES employee to review their performance and ensure expectations are being met.

Offer development opportunities that may result in the employee becoming a permanent contributor in your department.

Contact TES immediately if you need to make changes to the assignment responsibilities or schedule.

Contact TES regarding any employment issues that may arise. 

The rate for a TES employee includes the employee's hourly rate of pay, the applicable fringe benefit rate and TES overhead rate. These charges are billed automatically to the department Oracle string entered in Workday. View the TES Rate Structure [pdf].