Carnegie Mellon University

Requesting Copies of Background Certifications

Requesting Results from the Department of Human Services*

Please allow three weeks after submitting your applications before requesting a copy, as this is the average processing time dictated by the state. If after three weeks you have not received your PA Child Abuse History Check (PACA) or FBI Criminal History Check (fingerprinting) results, or if you have lost the original results, you can request a copy be sent to you by the Department of Human Services.

  1. Contact 1-877-371-5422:
    1. Press “2” to request the PA Child Abuse History Check (PACA), then press “1” and then press “4” to finalize the request.
    2. Press “4” to request the FBI Criminal History Background Check (from fingerprinting), then press “1” to finalize the request.
  2. Verify the mailing address on file with the Department of Human Services. If you moved recently, you may need to request that the form is sent to your new address. If the certification is sent to your home address, it is okay for someone to scan and send a copy to you.

*Please note that DHS may not have your results on file or be able to distribute copies if the application was submitted 12 or more months ago.

Requesting Results from the Office of Human Resources*

If your background certifications are on file with the Office of Human Resources and you would like a copy to be emailed to you, contact the Background Clearance Coordinator with your Legal First Name, Last Legal Name and Andrew ID.

*Please note that PA Act 153 background certifications are only issued to the person to whom they belong. Carnegie Mellon University does not issue background certifications to third parties.