Carnegie Mellon University

Weekly Onboarding Sessions

The Office of Human Resources hosts virtual onboarding sessions for newly hired faculty and staff members the first business day of every week. These comprehensive sessions, held from 1–4 p.m., enable new employees to complete all onboarding tasks in a timely manner, provide a personal contact with the Office of Human Resources on their first day and help ensure compliance with the Form I-9 requirement. 

Since these weekly sessions focus on onboarding tasks, new employees are still encouraged to attend the monthly New Hire Orientation to learn more about personal and workplace safety and security, university policies, CMU's mission and culture and the additional benefits of being a CMU employee.

  • All newly hired staff members who begin work on the first business day of the week will be automatically enrolled in the onboarding session on their first day. Hiring managers are encouraged to start their new employees on a Monday whenever possible to optimize the onboarding experience for their new employee.
  • New staff members who do not begin work on the first business day of the week will be automatically enrolled in the onboarding session the following week. The hiring department will need to facilitate obtaining a CMU ID card.
  • Faculty members and instructional staff are not being automatically enrolled in weekly onboarding sessions but are given the option to attend a session on or following their hire date.
  1. HR Employee Services will email the new employee in the weeks leading up to their first day, encouraging them to reach out with any onboarding questions, urging them to complete the first set of onboarding tasks in their Workday inbox on or before their hire date and inviting them to the weekly onboarding session. The hiring manager will be copied on the email.
    • Attendees will be instructed to complete onboarding part 1 tasks in Workday prior to the session. Instructions can be found in the Workday Onboarding Tasks System Guide [pdf].
      • Form I-9 Section 1
      • Edit Government ID
      • Review Documents
      • Update Legal and Preferred Name
      • Update Home Contact Information
      • Change Emergency Contacts
      • Update Personal Information
      • Disability Self-Identification
      • Veteran Status Identification
    • New employees should pay special attention to the Andrew Account task, since they will need an Andrew ID and DUO Two-Factor Authentication to complete the onboarding part 1 tasks in Workday prior to the onboarding session.
  2. A calendar invitation email will be sent during the week leading up to the new employee’s first day to provide the Zoom link for the onboarding session and to remind the employee to complete their initial onboarding tasks in Workday.
  3. Following the onboarding session, HR Employee Services will send an email thanking the employee for attending the session, asking for any follow-up questions, providing the presentation slides and requesting completion of the session survey.

During the first hour of the session (1–2 p.m. ET), HR Employee Services covers onboarding tasks and topics that are applicable to all new or newly re-hired faculty and staff at CMU. The second portion (2–4 p.m. ET) focuses on benefit overviews and benefit enrollment in Workday. All are welcome to stay for the full session, but the second segment is highly recommended for all employees who are benefits eligible.