Carnegie Mellon University

Preventive Health Care

Preventive care is vital to ensuring good health throughout one's life. From preventing illnesses to detecting problems while they are still in an early stage, preventive care should be a regular part of your health care regimen.

Preventive Medical Benefits

Our medical plans provide full coverage of preventive care when you use in-network providers. 100% coverage is only applicable to the covered services administered at the recommended frequency according to your plan's preventive care schedule. Any services you receive which are not on the schedule will be paid according to your plan. Coinsurance, copays and deductibles may apply.

Aetna (L95 Plan)


UPMC Health Plan

Preventive Prescription Benefits

Your CVS/Caremark health plan offers certain preventive service benefits at no cost to you. These no-cost benefits are part of the Affordable Care Act. View the CVS/Caremark Preventive Services List [pdf].

Preventive Dental Benefits

All of our dental plans cover 100% of exams and cleanings twice a year, bite-wing x-rays once a year, and full mouth x-rays every three years. In addition, the dental PPO plans include the Smile for Health [pdf] plan, which provides a maternity dental benefit and an enhanced dental benefit that provides for oral disease detection and prevention.

Preventive Vision Benefits

Our vision plans cover eye exams at 100% once per calendar year or once per two calendar years, depending on your plan.