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At CMU, our greatest asset is our people. Mentoring empowers us to cultivate that potential by fostering meaningful connections. As a mentor, you'll guide a mentee's career journey, sharing your wisdom and experience. This process can also be deeply rewarding for you, prompting you to revisit and refresh your own professional aspirations.

Not sure if you're ready for a mentoring commitment? Start with the Mentorship Readiness Assessment and Action Plan [pdf]. And rest assured that the program provides resources and support for mentors throughout the process.

Mentor Guide

The Mentor Guide [pdf] has all the information and tools you need for a successful mentorship experience. It includes month-by-month guidance on how to navigate the program, sample meeting agendas and checklists, ideas for supporting your mentee and effective questioning prompts.

Learning Resources

These courses and videos are available via LinkedIn Learning. CMU login is required.

Reflection Prompts

Reflection is a valuable part of your mentoring commitment and can strengthen your partnership. As you get busy with your day-to-day responsibilities, please find time to consider how your relationship with your mentee is progressing. Suggested reflections include:

  • In this area, I’ve seen the most growth …
  • When we first met you were … now you’ve grown to be …
  • Something I’ve learned from you is …
  • I’ve enjoyed our mentoring sessions thus far because …