Carnegie Mellon University

United Way Campaign 2017–18

Your gift to United Way has a powerful effect in our community. Make a gift to the Impact Fund to help make a real impact among struggling families, striving schoolchildren, frail seniors and our neighbors with disabilities.

Make your moment. Please give during Carnegie Mellon's annual campaign.

Two Ways to Give*

  1. Submit your pledge using the U-Pledge for Good website:
    Login Schema:
    • Username: CMU+ first three letters of your last name + first three letters of your first name (e.g., Andrew Carnegie's user name would be CMUCarAnd)
    • Password: welcome2017 (requires reset on first login)
    • Compatibility: The U-Pledge for Good website is compatible with most browsers excepting Internet Explorer 11. If your browser does not work, recommended browsers are Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.
  2. Complete a paper pledge form [pdf] and send it via campus mail to Everett Tademy, Whitfield Hall.

*Please note that pledges do not roll over year to year; you must submit a new pledge to take part in this year's campaign. Deductions will begin in January 2018 for those using payroll deduction to make their pledge before December 30, 2017. The maximum number of payroll deductions is 24 for employees paid biweekly and 12 for employees paid monthly.

See What Your Gift Can Accomplish


You are helping a neighbor on the road to employment with a full month of support, counseling, training and transportation.

You are giving one child in a low-income family six weeks of learning in a school setting, along with kindergarten enrollment assistance.

One struggling family is getting emergency food assistance for six months.


Thanks to your support of home safety checks and hot meals, two more seniors can live independently.

Thanks to you, three at-risk children and their parents are learning the value of education through supports, training and kindergarten registration efforts over six months.

Thanks to your support, two newly vulnerable families have access to child care, food and shelter.

$100 A MONTH

Your generosity has removed barriers to stable employment — housing, transportation, education and skills — for two of our community’s hardest-to-employ individuals.

Your generosity has enabled four students in need to work with mentors, develop better study habits, see increases in test scores and move on to the next grade.

With six months of intensive support, you have helped seven young children from our most at-risk communities enter kindergarten prepared and ready to learn, setting a course for academic success.

$1,000 A YEAR

You are giving eight seniors each year the supports they need to stay in their homes.

With your help, eight struggling families are getting access to tax preparation and securing critical EITC benefits.

With six months of intensive support, you’ve helped six kids from our most at-risk communities recover from failed classes and graduate from high school with proficiency.