Carnegie Mellon University

Neurodiverse Faculty and Staff Alliance

Events and Membership

To become a member of the Neurodiverse Faculty and Staff Alliance, please submit a membership form so you can be informed of upcoming meetings and events. There is no cost associated with membership and no time commitments. Members can attend as many meetings and events as they would like. Individual membership in ERGs is strictly voluntary and open to all individuals who are interested in promoting diversity, equity and inclusiveness. Refer to the ERG benefits and guidelines for more information.


Mission Statement

CMU’s Neurodiverse ERG exists to provide intentional space for cognitively diverse employees, as well as allies, in search of resources, community and support across all Carnegie Mellon University campuses. We work to improve awareness of the diverse experiences of the human mind and to promote the showcasing of perspectives that focus on inclusive collaboration through workshops, discussion groups and social events.


Cait Batchelor, Co-Lead

Cait Batchelor has been with CMU as an administrative assistant for the Financial and Business Services team within the Software Engineering Institute since 2016. By leveraging their degree in inclusive education, and their own experiences with ADHD, Cait advocates for neurodivergent people during the COVID-19 pandemic and navigating the transition to remote work environments. In 2022, Cait was awarded the SEI’s AJ Award in Living Our Shared Values for their work founding a Neurodiversity group within SEI. As CMU navigates its post COVID-19 future, Cait continues to advocate for neurodivergent individuals to ensure they are able to continuously maximize the contributions they bring to CMU every day.

Trista Polaski, Co-Lead

Trista Polaski is a solutions engineer at the Software Engineering Institute. She joined Carnegie Mellon University in 2022 and is excited to serve as the NERG co-lead. Trista holds a bachelor’s in molecular biology, a master’s in information science, and is actively working on an MBA. Trista's goal is to help support neurodivergent individuals to foster an inclusive environment within the CMU community.

Rachel Burress, Member Liaison

Rachel Burress joined CMU as an administrative assistant with Cyber Security and Privacy Lab. She is thrilled to be serving as the Neurodivergent member liaison. Rachel believes in creating a space where people can feel welcome, connected and supported.

Neurodiverse ERG co-leads pose with their banner at Spring Carnival

The employee resource groups hosted a table at the 2024 Spring Carnival.

Neurodiverse ERG co-leads and panelists during May panel in front of slide that says Dispelling the Myths: Being a Neurodivergent Professional at CMU

On April 6, 2023, the Neurodiverse Faculty and Staff alliance hosted a CMU employee panel on myths and misconceptions about living as a neurodivergent person.