Carnegie Mellon University

CMU=You Frequently Asked Questions

Award Programs

How do I incorporate my college/division staff award program into CMU=You?
Please contact your HR business partner to initiate the process. From build to implementation, the process can take up to 12 weeks. Check out the Award Program Implementation Checklist [pdf] for timelines, roles and responsibilities.

I am trying to submit a nomination, but the person I want to nominate is not appearing in the drop-down.
Please review the award category description eligibility to ensure the person you are trying to nominate meets the eligibility for the award. Some categories may have specific requirements. If you still believe the person is eligible, contact your college or division award program administrator.

Social Recognition Wall

Can the Social Recognition Wall (aka Pipe Up!) be customized? Can our department have its own wall?
The Social Recognition Wall is designed to be used campus-wide. The default filter for the wall can be customized to show only your college/division or department.

Who can see eCards posted on the wall?
Public eCards are visible to faculty and staff. Private eCards are only visible to the sender and recipient. When employees receive an eCard, email notifications are sent to managers.

What if I receive an eCard and do not want it on the wall?
Any eCard recipient may delete it from the wall. The sender may also delete the eCard.

How do I report concerning posts or comments on the Social Recognition Wall?
Please contact the Learning & Development Team if you have concerns about a post or comment on the Social Recognition Wall.

Is there a way to post freeform text/recognition directly to the Social Recognition Wall without using an eCard?
The Social Recognition Wall supports CMU’s values and drives behavior aligned with our core competencies. Recognition posted to the Pipe Up wall should reflect professional achievements using the provided eCards.

Can the text at the top of the Social Recognition Wall be updated?
The text cannot be updated.


If my college/division wants to create custom eCards, is there a cost?
Additional eCards can be purchased at a one-time setup cost of approximately $50 per card. There may be discounts available for purchasing eCards in bulk.

Can my college/division create eCards that are only available to staff within our unit?
There may be an opportunity to “segment” eCards so that they are only available to staff within your college/division. The Finance Division piloted this functionality by creating custom eCards to recognize achievements related to their DEIB strategic plan objectives. Please note:  While “segmented” eCards may only be available to be sent/received by staff within your college/division, these eCards will be visible on the CMU-wide Social Recognition Wall.

Test Data

  • After testing is complete, will the test data be immediately purged from CMU=You?
    Publicly shared eCards can be deleted by the CMU=You administrator, sender or recipient. eCards that were sent privately can be deleted by the sender or recipient.
  • Award Nominations: The CMU=You administrator or Department Award Program lead can reject nominations in Reward Manager. At the end of a testing cycle, notify Reward Gateway to permanently purge the test nominations from the system (ETA ~4–6 weeks). Rejected nominations are still viewable in the test recipient’s award history.