Carnegie Mellon University

Dependent Child and Spouse/Domestic Partner Life and AD&D Insurance

Carnegie Mellon enables full-time employees to purchase life insurance that provides coverage in the event of a dependent child's or spouse/domestic partner's death.

  • The employee is the automatic beneficiary of the policy.
  • Employees may elect to cover their spouse/registered domestic partner (DP) and/or child(ren).
  • Participation in this plan is completely optional.
  • Enroll within 30 days of your benefits eligibility or increase coverage during Open Enrollment or during a life status change. (Enrolling after initial eligibility or increasing coverage, or certain levels of coverage may require the completion of an Evidence of Insurability form, which the Benefits Department will send to you.)
Option Cost/Pay Benefit
Dependent Child(ren)

Covers all dependent children for one price. You do not need to multiply the monthly rate by the number of children you'll be covering.

Infants under 14 days coverage is $100.00.

Option 1
$0.18 biweekly
$0.36 monthly
Option 2
$0.36 biweekly
$0.72 monthly
Option 3
$0.72 biweekly
$1.43 monthly
Spouse/DP Rates based on spouse/DP's age. Spouse/Domestic Partner insurance equal to 50% of the employee's supplemental insurance, up to $250,000.

Initial Enrollment:

  • Within 30 days of a person's hire into a full-time, benefits-eligible position
  • Within 30 days of the birth/adoption of a child (for Dependent Child Life Insurance) or marriage/registration of domestic partnership (for Spouse/DP Life Insurance)

Other enrollment/eligibility requirements:

  • Changes or enrollment may also be made during Open Enrollment or upon another life status change
  • Children under the age of 26 may be covered by dependent child life and AD&D insurance.

If a spouse/domestic partner is in a Carnegie Mellon benefits-eligible position:

  • In a full-time position: the partner may not be covered by the Spouse/DP life insurance plan. Instead, s/he should purchase his/her own Optional Life Insurance.
  • In a part-time position: the partner may be covered by the Spouse/DP life insurance plan. However, s/he will not be covered by the basic life insurance, nor will s/he be eligible to purchase the additional AD&D coverage under the part-time plan.
Age (as
of Jan 1)
Rate per
$1,000 of
Under 30 $0.053
30–34 $0.063
35–39 $0.067
40–44 $0.076
45–49 $0.086
50–54 $0.136
55–59 $0.196
60–64 $0.316
65–69 $0.529
70 and over $1.057
Divide result by two for biweekly cost