Carnegie Mellon University

Interviewing and Evaluating Candidates

To ensure a fair and equitable hiring process, hiring managers and those involved in the interview process are strongly encouraged to review the guidance documents provided and use the resources and templates throughout their interview process. All questions related to the interview and evaluation process should be directed to your HR recruiter or HR business partner.

Interview Guidance and Best Practices

Interview and Evaluation Tools

An organized and structured interview and evaluation process helps to fairly assess a candidate’s ability to perform successfully in the role. The Office of Human Resources has created a customizable interview guide and evaluation tool for hiring managers to use when preparing for interviews, conducting interviews and evaluating candidates.

Communication Templates

Hiring managers should strive to provide a positive and consistent candidate experience. To help with this effort, the Office of Human Resources has created communication templates for hiring managers or those involved in the interview process to use in their outreach to invite, schedule or confirm interviews. For additional guidance please review the Interview Etiquette and Best Practices [pdf].

On-Campus Interviews

Virtual Interviews

Preparing your Interview Panel/Search Committee

To ensure an effective and efficient interview process, it is important to set expectations with the interview panel/search committee before conducting interviews. Provide those involved in the process with the necessary information relative to the position and process, including what role they play in the process, an overview of job responsibilities, the format of the interview(s) and questions they will be asking. Additional information can be found in the Interview Etiquette and Best Practices Guidance [pdf] and the Search Committee Guidance [pdf].