Carnegie Mellon University

Care Resources for Staff and Faculty

This guide for staff and faculty compiles key resources and contacts related to health and well-being and child and family care. Whether your need for support is prompted by an unexpected event, like a sudden school closure, or an ongoing need, like caring for your growing family or an elder adult or maintaining your own good health and well-being, the Office of Human Resources offers access to the right resources.

Please use these resources and support one another as we strive to make the CMU experience healthy, supportive and inspiring.

Supporting staff and faculty means providing resources to promote good health and well-being. Carnegie Mellon University offers a wide variety of benefits and programs designed to meet the needs of faculty and staff members.

Supporting our staff and faculty also means supporting their families. Carnegie Mellon provides resources to help identify a daycare provider for a young child, a tutor to help with a particular subject, help around the house or support for an elder parent or loved one.

  • prescreens qualified caregivers to help eligible individuals find backup emergency care for children and adults. View the Care@Work guide [pdf] for a quick overview.
  • CareLink allows members of the Carnegie Mellon community in Pittsburgh to find a caregivers or find a job.
  • The Dependent Care Reimbursement Account (DCRA) allows eligible employees to use pre-tax money to pay for qualifying dependent care expenses. The DCRA can save faculty/staff up to 25% on eligible child care expenses.

For tailored information and guidance on dependent care related topics, contact the family care concierge specialists.

Along with some of our campus partners, the Office of Human Resources manages and supports the benefit and support resources detailed on this page. Some direct contacts have been provided, but if you have immediate questions, use the following table to identify who to contact for ...

Immediate life safety issues:

University Police / 412.268.2323
300 South Craig Street

Call the Carnegie Mellon University Police Department 24/7 to request emergency response to any safety concern, including summoning Emergency Medical Services.

Child and family care (and more):

Family Care Concierge

The Family Care Concierge Service provides individualized guidance related to child care, elder care, school age care (school options, tutoring, summer camps, backup care, etc.), pet care and household help.

Employee benefits (health and welfare, PTO and leaves, well-being):

HR Services412-268-4600
4516 Henry Street

HR Services address questions regarding employee benefits, benefit eligibility, enrollment, paid time off and leaves of absence, and life events.

Accommodations for staff or faculty (including those related to COVID-19):

Equal Opportunity Services / 412-268-3930 

Carnegie Mellon University provides reasonable accommodations to staff and faculty members with disabilities to enable them to perform the essential functions or duties of their positions.