Carnegie Mellon University

Executive Assistant I

Job Profile Summary

Executive assistant I's are responsible for managing the administrative and financial functions of a Carnegie Mellon University executive or executives. This position title may be used only when the executive is accountable to someone in the president’s direct reporting structure. Executive assistant I's requires adaptability and openness to change as the department and organization evolve. This position regularly handles sensitive information and requires maintaining strict confidentiality and discretion. Executive assistant I's are responsible for:

  • Attending various meetings within department. May serve on inter-departmental committees
  • Communicating with high level officials both inside and outside the university. Handling highly confidential matters.
  • Handling phone calls and messaging, greeting visitors, making appropriate referrals, coordinating travel, organization of high level special events, divisional and group meetings including agendas and revision of presentation models.
  • Preparing correspondence, reports, newsletters and other documents on behalf of AVP/executive.
  • Managing administrative responsibilities of the AVP/executive office. Including managing time commitment (calendar) and respective prioritization, communications, interactions with other members of the management team and academic community, troubleshooting problems and questions concerning office and university policies and procedures, responding to inquiries and routine questions, referring only those absolutely necessary to supervisor.

Training and Development Opportunities