Carnegie Mellon University

Termination of Pregnancy (Abortion)

At CMU, we take seriously the value of safe and equitable access to healthcare, including reproductive care and resources, knowing that our faculty, staff and students depend on these vital services for various reasons. Both Pennsylvania and California (where CMU also has a campus) have state laws that protect legal access to abortion and those laws remain in effect. CMU's healthcare plans provide coverage for abortions and abortion-related services as outlined below.

Abortion Coverage Under the CMU Plans

Faculty and Staff Plans

If you have any questions, please email HR Services or call 412-268-4600.

Student Worker Plans

  • Highmark Student Health Insurance
    • The Highmark Student Health Insurance Plan covers elective abortions for students enrolled in the plan. Note: this is a national plan with network providers across the U.S., so abortion services should be covered in any state where they are accessible/permitted.
    • Contact: 844-946-6249 (Highmark); 888-777-9980 (HUB International Student Health & Wellness); or email University Health Services
  • UPMC University (Student) Health Insurance:
    • The UPMC University (Student) Health Insurance Plan (employed student group) is considered to be part of the larger CMU employee plan and, as such, abortion, abortion-related services, and emergency contraceptives are covered.
    • Contact: 855-497-8762 (UPMC); 888-777-9980 (HUB International Student Health & Wellness); or email University Health Services

Support Resources

As a result of the 2022 Supreme Court ruling, many are feeling overwhelmed, outraged and sad, while others may feel that the ruling was just. We understand these situations are full of emotions and opinions. We have resources in place to support you if you are feeling overwhelmed, stressed or in need of help.