Carnegie Mellon University

Tuition Benefits for Dependent Children of Faculty Members

Carnegie Mellon University is pleased to assist you with the expense of educating your children. CMU's tuition benefits cover current tuition charges only and cannot exceed the total tuition cost. Past semesters, fees, housing or other costs are not covered.

CMU’s tuition benefit payment is the same regardless of other awards received (scholarships, financial aid, etc.). Outside institutions will allocate CMU’s payment according to their policy, which may result in a reduction of other awards. If your child is receiving other awards, you should confirm with the outside institution how CMU’s benefit payment will be applied to the student’s account.

For more information on tuition benefits for dependent children, see the Undergraduate Tuition Benefits for Dependent Children of Faculty Members university policy.

Eligibility and Benefit Features

Employee Eligibility Full-time, benefits-eligible faculty
Child Eligibility

Child must be accepted into and enrolled in an undergraduate degree program before age 30. (Note: HR is not involved in the admissions process. Children of faculty and staff are not guaranteed admission into any university.)

Child must be naturally born to or legally adopted by the employee and must meet IRS dependency exemption criteria.

Children attending another institution must be enrolled full-time (except for the summer term).

Number of Children Eligible

Children Attending Carnegie Mellon: Available to an unlimited number of eligible children

Children Attending Another Institution: Up to two eligible children, per family

Semesters Covered Per Child Up to eight semesters each; unused semesters may not be transferred to another child
Benefit Level

Children Attending Carnegie Mellon: 100% tuition remission

Children Attending Another Institution: Up to 60% of Carnegie Mellon's tuition


Taxes must be withheld in the year in which the benefit was received (i.e., when the check is issued), regardless of when the courses are taken

Children Attending Carnegie Mellon: Not subject to federal, state or local taxes

Children Attending Another Institution: Benefit is subject to state and local taxes for faculty and staff; not subject to federal taxes

Taxes will be withheld from your pay by Carnegie Mellon in three monthly installments (for those paid monthly) or in six biweekly installments (for those paid biweekly). Taxation will begin with the next pay following your application approval, and will be withheld across three months, or the number of months remaining in the calendar year, whichever is less.