Carnegie Mellon University

Family Care Concierge Service

The Family Care Concierge Service supports parents and families within the CMU community by providing personalized support. The concierge specialists can answer your questions or find resources to help with child care, elder care and more. The service is available at no cost to CMU faculty, staff and graduate students.

Request Assistance

To receive assistance, simply contact the concierge specialists with your question or need. They will respond with guidance and/or the information you requested. Undergraduate student can contact the concierge specialists for guidance regarding alternatives. 

The concierge service can assist with finding:

Child Care

  • Child care — Search for child care centers to meet your criteria
  • In-home care — Provide resources to assist in a nanny search
  • Care shares — Explain how to set up care shares and find other families
  • Interim or gap care — Find local options and explain the Care for Business benefits
  • Financial assistance — Explain federal assistance programs and program discounts, assist with Dependent Care Reimbursement Accounts and the Sliding Scale Benefit 

School-Age Care

  • Navigating school options — Discuss different public, charter and private options 
  • Before and after school care — Find before and after care that works with your child’s school 
  • Summer camp — Find summer camps in your area and the subsidized cost
  • Tutoring — Find tutoring programs to meet your needs 
  • Enrichment activities — Provide guides or find activities in your area 
  • Backup care — Explain Care for Business backup care days 

Elder Care

  • Residential care — Research long term care homes to fit your needs 
  • Assistance programs — Identify programs to help with transportation, food, etc. 
  • Social opportunities — Find senior centers, activities and companionship programs 
  • In-home care — Find agencies or explain Care for Business benefits 
  • Support groups — Find groups to offer support for elderly relatives or caregivers 

Pet Care and Household Help

  • Pet care — Research pet care facilities and boarding options
  • Cleaning services — Find local cleaning services 
  • In-home care/help — Explore options for in-home help locally via Carelink, or explain the Care for Business benefits

Please note:

  • While the concierge specialists can provide guidance, considerations and information on a variety of care options and programs to empower you to make a decision that works well for your family, they cannot recommend or endorse a service or directly place you with a care provider.
  • This service is not part of the Cyert Center for Early Childhood Education program.