Carnegie Mellon University

Family Care Concierge Service

CMU faculty, staff and graduate students are eligible to receive personalized assistance from the university's Family Care Concierge Service. The concierge service provides information, support, guidance and education on all dependent- and care-related topics by leveraging current resources available to campus.

The concierge service can assist with finding:

  • In-home care and/or tutoring (individualized or group sharing)
  • Child care or tutor sharing groups
  • Care for a sick child
  • Online proctoring for school-aged children
  • Other child care related services as needed
  • Other types of family care (elder, pet, home, etc.)

For more information, view the Concierge Service FAQs [pdf]

Request Assistance

To receive assistance, simply contact the concierge specialists with your question or need. They will contact you with guidance and/or the information you requested. If an undergraduate student needs assistance, please contact the concierge specialists for guidance regarding alternatives.