Carnegie Mellon University

Relocation Services

CMU has partnerships with two relocation service providers. If you would like to offer relocation services to a new hire, please contact your recruiter to facilitate an introduction to either provider. Please note that services can only be engaged by the university, and not by individual candidates/hires.

Getting to the Point

Getting to the Point, Inc., has been providing red carpet recruitment/relocation services to CMU for over 25 years. The company assists CMU with attracting great talent and ensuring that new hires make a smooth transition and a confident start in our region. Getting to the Point focuses on the entire family and in particular the needs of the trailing spouse. Services include:

  • Telephone interview, follow-up calls and correspondence; relocation packet mailed in advance
  • Personalized orientation tours designed to familiarize the candidate with Pittsburgh and the region
  • Recommendations for schools and neighborhoods
  • Networking for newcomers
  • Book club for women who are new to the region

Moderna Relocation

Moderna Relocation provides concierge-style orientation and relocation services to potential and new Carnegie Mellon employees, including:

  • Answers to their questions about the city and community, and determining your relocation needs
  • City orientation tours to identify neighborhoods, school districts and communities that suit their lifestyle
  • Assistance with temporary accommodations and/or housing in a neighborhood that supports their lifestyle, school preference, commute and budget
  • Additional services associated with relocation, such as settling in for those moving from an international location, household goods coordination and departure service