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Dental Plans

United Concordia Companies, Inc. (UCCI) administers our dental programs. Our dental options include two dental PPOs and a dental HMO (DHMO).

To access services, present your United Concordia ID Card to your dentist. There is no special claim form; your dentist should use a standard American Dental Association claim form. The PPO plans include the Smile for Health [pdf] feature, which provides enhanced maternity and preventive dental services coverage.


You must be full-time benefits eligible (37.5 scheduled hours per week) to enroll. Members of the Campus Police Association must be scheduled to work 40 hours per week to be full-time benefits eligible.

The DHMO is only available in the PA/OH/NJ region. If you live outside of this region, you are not eligible for this plan.

Dental Plan Comparison

Dental Coverage Options Plan Comparison Summary [pdf]

Provider Network
Search online for a participating dentist*
DHMO Concordia Plus Alliance Alliance
Primary Care Dentist & Referrals Required Yes No No
Out of Network Benefits No Yes Yes
Deductible (individual/family) None $50 / $150 $25 / $75
Annual Maximum
(per person, per year)
No limit $1,000 $1,500
Plan Document/
Schedule of Benefits

Dental HMO Certificate of Coverage

Dental HMO Schedule of Benefits [pdf]

Dental PPO Option 1 Plan
Document [pdf]
Dental PPO Option 2 Plan
Document [pdf]

*You can ask your dentist directly if s/he participates in the network, or contact UCCI at 800-423-7461. If your dentist does not participate in the UCCI plan, you can nominate him/her at the UCCI website.

Plan Rates

Monthly, pre-tax rates are shown; divide rate by two to obtain biweekly, pre-tax rates.

Coverage Level DHMO PPO 1 PPO 2
Employee $13.28 $13.04 $31.94
Family $52.50 $46.98 $101.24

For United Concordia DHMO Participants

Except for certain emergency situations, the United Concordia DHMO requires that you use dental providers within its network. If you use providers outside of the DHMO network, no benefits will be paid. You are also required to designate a Primary Care Dentist who will coordinate your dental care. If you do not select one, one will be assigned to you based on your home address.

To designate your Primary Care Dentist, please enter the United Concordia Provider ID code in the Employee Provider ID field in Workday when enrolling in your benefits. For your dependents, if applicable, please enter their United Concordia Provider ID code in the Dependent Provider ID field.

You can locate your dentist’s Provider ID code on the United Concordia Provider Search website. To search for a dentist, choose the DHMO Concordia Plus General Dentist network. Once you have found your selected dentist, click on the name of the dentist to find the Provider ID code.

Carrier Resources

United Concordia 

Group Numbers

  • PPO Option 1: 846327-100
  • PPO Option 2: 846328-100
  • DHMO: 846329-000

Find a Dentist

  • For PPOs, search Alliance
  • For DHMO, search DHMO Concordia Plus General Dentist (or DHMO Concordia Plus Specialty Dentist for a specialist)