Carnegie Mellon University

Program/Event Registration

As per the Policy on the Protection of Children, programs and events involving minors must submit a registration form at least 30 days in advance with Child Protection Operations within the Office of Human Resources. Registration will allow the university to ensure that programs involving minors satisfy the requirements of this Policy and Pennsylvania state law.

Upon registration, all programs and events will be evaluated for the following policy requirements. A compliance checklist will be provided to the program/event administrator and may include the following requirements:

Identify a responsible party for your program's event(s). All events with minors must have a responsible party, who is responsible for the administration of the program and compliance with this Policy. This individual will receive the compliance checklist and be expected to complete the action items listed. This person must:

  • Be a designated “responsible party” on the registration form
  • Sign the Responsible Party Form
  • Have all three required Act 153 background certifications on file with the Office of Human Resources
  • Complete the required online training

Backup Responsible Party

Child Protection Operations strongly recommends the designation of a backup responsible party to serve in the event the primary responsible party is unable to do so. The backup responsible party could be designated to fill in for the primary responsible party, or to serve as a co-responsible party, especially in situations where the program/activity has multiple locations or is of long duration. Backup responsible parties must meet the same requirements as primary responsible parties.

Written permission must be obtained from each minor’s parent/guardian prior to the minor’s participation in any program administered by CMU on CMU Property. Should release forms be required for your program, it will appear as an action item on the compliance checklist. Programs will be required to provide and collect all release forms. All forms must be signed by the child's parent or guardian before the start of the program.
During registration, programs and events will be asked to provide a roster with the names and Andrew IDs of all CMU faculty, staff, students and other individuals interacting with minors for the purposes of this program, and their role within the program. This information will be used to determine Act 153 background certification requirements for your program. Individuals required to obtain Act 153 background certifications for the program will receive communication from the Office of Human Resources about the application process.

The responsible party and backup responsible party are required to complete a one-time online training:

o Required Training for Faculty and Staff via FocusU

o Required Training for Students via Canvas

Child Protection Operations will evaluate the roster provided at registration and determine which of the individuals on the roster will require Pennsylvania Act 153 background certifications. Act 153 requires three separate background certifications:

  • Pennsylvania Access to Criminal History Check (PATCH) through the Pennsylvania State Police
  • Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Check (PACA) through the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services
  • FBI Criminal History Check; this check requires the individual to submit their fingerprints to the FBI

These certifications are a set and cannot be partially completed. Individuals requiring these certifications must have the results of all three certifications on file with the Office of Human Resources before the program/event start date. 

The Office of Human Resources provides guidance and instructions to the university community to facilitate these applications. Please visit the Act 153 page for instructions on obtaining background certifications, information about PA Act 153 and Guidance for Department Administrators.

Paid and Unpaid Internships for Minors

Before employing anyone under the age 18 ("minor"), contact your HR Business Partner to ensure you are in compliance with child labor laws. Visit the Office of Human Resources pages for information on hiring minors and guidance on unpaid internships.

Paid internships with minors are not required to register with Child Protection Operations. However, employing minors in the workplace may trigger background certification obligations under the Pennsylvania Act 153. In general, the supervisor of a minor employee, as well as any other employee who routinely interacts with a minor employee, must obtain background certifications. Please refer to the Pennsylvania Act 153 page for more information about required background certifications for working with minors.

Unpaid Internships with minors are required to register with Child Protection Operations and will be evaluated for compliance with the Policy on the Protection of Children in Carnegie Mellon University Programs, Activities and Facilities, including Act 153 background certification requirements.