Carnegie Mellon University


Unleash your potential with a mentor! Together, you'll have the opportunity to explore your career aspirations, identify your strengths and weaknesses, and craft a personalized roadmap for success. This journey involves collaboration: you'll set clear goals with your mentor, develop actionable strategies, and regularly track your progress. Your mentor acts as your guide, sharing valuable wisdom and insights gleaned from their own experiences. By learning from their successes and challenges, you'll gain a valuable edge.

Remember, this is a mentee-led program. The more you actively participate, the more you'll get out of this rewarding relationship. Use these resources to make the most of your partnership with your mentor.

Mentee Guide

The Mentee Guide [pdf] has all the information and tools you need for a successful mentorship experience. It includes month-by-month guidance on how to navigate the program, sample meeting agendas, checklists and reflection prompts, and a self-assessment.

Learning Resources

These courses and videos are available via LinkedIn Learning. CMU login is required.

Reflection Prompts

Reflection is a valuable part of your mentoring commitment and can strengthen your partnership. As you get busy with your day-to-day responsibilities, please find time to consider how your relationship with your mentor is progressing. Suggested reflections include:

  • You taught me …
  • A story you shared impacted me because …
  • The greatest impact your support has provided is …
  • I’m most grateful for …